Chris & Gretchen | Photobooth | Wedding

Chris and Gretchen had a ton of friends flying in town for their wedding…people they’ve known all their lives from Michigan, Iowa and other places. And they wanted to make sure they got a lot of fun pictures of everyone they possibly could. So they decided they wanted a photobooth.

This was my first time doing this at a wedding and I have to say, it’s something I’d love clients to start doing more. People LOVE photobooths. They get all kinds of crazy in front of them. It takes pressure off the photographers to make sure they get candid photos of everyone throughout the day. These are fun, easy and you get memories that will last forever.

If I’m shooting your upcoming wedding and you want one of these, drop me a note and we’ll talk!

Special thanks to my second shooter Jeff Ambrose for helping get this setup, and to my wife Jina for taking it over and having a blast with it.

Here are a few of my favs (and PG-rated) images from the photobooth.


  • Zach Frailey

    Haha, awesome idea! My favorite is the ‘unibrow, bunny ears guy.’ Great job!

  • Jason A Clark

    Definitely a neat idea! Did you provide the props, Mike? I liked the chalkboard but I’m surprised more people didn’t put it to use writing unique messages…unless they did and they’re not PG rated. 🙂

  • Jim Denham

    Great fun!

  • Rick Louie

    Very cool. I’ve been working on a automated setup for this with an “Easy Button”. I’ll have to do a write up soon.

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