So what do a group of photographers do when they get bored of shooting stuff around them, or have to wait 30 minutes for a large table at John’s Pizzeria?

Turn the cameras on each other, of course. Become our own paparazzi. The photo above of my pal Brian Matiash kind of says it all. Someone is off-camera left shooting a picture of him, then a second guy is on the right taking a picture too for some reason, and thus I completed the trifecta in an attempt to capture BM in his element: the center of attention *grin*

Most of the shots in this blog post take place while we waited to eat some just amazing pizza after we had been photowalking since 5:30am. The food was delish, but the company was the real treat.

So here are my final portrait images from the trip to New York. They were tall taken with the 35mm 1.4. Had a blast. Met awesome peeps. Ate fantastic grub. And hopefully furthered some friendships that will last a long, long time.

Before the pizza, Jesse Pafundi was playing with Jacob’s huge ass 400mm lens. This is the shot Jesse was lining up below, from his perch on the Brooklyn Bridge.

My boy Chris Deangelis from Fresno.

The MAN Rich Williams, responsible for all kinds of amazing portrait shots himself.

My Aussie pal Jacob Lucas.

Brian Furbush…hilarious dude, totally awesome meeting this guy.

The Canadi-man…Heath O’Fee…I always do my best to shoot this guy at his most awkward. Some of you may have seen my Instagram of him on the subway *grin*

Brian Matiash shooting with the 70-200.

Love, love, love this shot of Scott Wyden. He’s a solid dude.

Heath shooting with his awesome old Mayima film camera.

Never can get enough of BM.

Chris D!!!

Here is Rich…going from checking his camera’s LCD playback to….

…instant smile!

  • Rich Williams

    Mike, these are killer! The processing, tones, and colors are top notch. Fantastic work.

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Incredible and super fun shots. Thanks for sharing these buddy!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Great images Mike! I’m trying to look like a tough guy, I guess (and not doing a very good job at it) 🙂 I agree with Rich, your processing is stellar on these!

  • A.Barlow

    lmao nice shot of Heath. Cool pictures all around. Nice work.

  • Jesse

    Haha love these, especially the the shot of Heath mean muggin the camera.

  • Heather

    Mike do you and Brian Matiash have a little bromance thing going on?? 😉 Cool shots! Looks like it was fun 🙂

  • Jon Stolarski

    I love the candid portraits of these guys. Well shot Mike!

  • Rich Williams

    Back for a second look. That shot of Heath…oh, man. 🙂

  • Kris Koeller

    These candids are terrific. Nice work.

  • larry

    Great pictures, Mike. Looks like you had a pretty epic trip!

  • Coral

    Awesome post, great looking bunch.