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The Watcher

(please click to view on black // buy print) I rarely, if ever, post photos from years ago. I tend to hate my processing even as recent as 2012. I feel like I’ve really grown into a more polished look (with lots of room yet to grow), so looking back is rough. But…when an image is one I love enough, I may actually go back and re-edit the thing. And that is the case here. I may have posted this before, but this time it’s been processed using my staple of luminosity masking. The story behind this photograph, which I…


Jay and Kym live in New York and chose to have their destination wedding in Arizona not just for the beautiful weather, but also for grandma who lived here and couldn’t travel. Such an awesome gesture and it was that kind of night. Lots of of love, fun, surprises and dancing. This was my first time witnessing a Horah dance…and that was AMAZING. Every wedding should have one of those. And they picked a perfect spot…the Montelucia is such a gorgeous venue. Thanks to Jeff Ambrose for helping me as always, but also to Cara from A Day to Cherish….


Riley and James are getting married on June 7th, so we did some engagement photos a few weeks back. A little tour of the Salt River and Bush Highway. Such a beautiful area just on the outskirts of Phoenix.


This year I took on an associate photographer…Jeff Ambrose, the guy who has been second shooting with me for awhile. This was his first wedding of the year. Helping him was the amazing Jason Williams…who could ask for a better team? Natalie and Mike…I hope you enjoy this first look. You guys looked stunning, the dancing was outrageous and I just love these images. More to come!  


Two highly entertaining people who on July 11th will be known as “The Cheneys!”…hung out with me last night to get some engagement pictures taken. Do it for Dodo guys…do it for Dodo. (73-image Brenizer Method photo taken with a 50 1.2)


Well, you couldn’t ask for two kinder and happier people to photograph on their wedding day. JJ is the children’s pastor at our church (New City) and Jeremy is a fire fighter. There was nothing but laughs, joy and superhero t-shirts. The day started at New City and ended up on the terrace of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Phoenix. Felt a little bit like being in Chicago from what people said. Thanks to my buddy Jason Williams for helping me on this one and KILLING it.

Closer than it appears

(click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 17mm f/4 l, 17mm, iso 400, f/8.0, 1/160th // buy print) This was the best storm I saw all of 2013 in Arizona. At the very least it was in the top 2. The low shelf cloud that appeared out of the rain was an amazing surprise, but there was also blowing dust and crazy lightning strikes. You can see the other shots from this cell right here. I captured this one using a Nero Lightning Trigger…although I wouldn’t recommend one. I was actually surprised I got this because…


A few weeks ago we packed up our clan of five and flew to Little Rock, Arkansas and drove to a little area called Hot Springs Village. We met up with my wife’s parents, sister and her family. We’ve been doing vacations forever now…and while it used to be just the six of us, now it’s ELEVEN. Crazy kids. These are some photos….well, who am I kidding…these are A LOT of photos from the trip. Towards the end is a semi-photoshoot we did on the last day just to capture the kids, grandparents and whatever. Hope you enjoy!


Emily and Philip got legit married 10 months ago in May…but it was just the two of them, my wife, the officiant and myself present. On Sunday it was their entire family and a bunch of friends…the celebration was awesome, and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you huge to Sarah Waggoner for helping me out and just killing it as she usually does. Also to Ryan at the Hermosa Inn…for making us feel welcome and feeding us some amazing spare ribs! Hope you enjoy this first look at Emily and Philip’s wedding.  


First they wanted just a courthouse wedding. Then they wanted it in Vegas, but weren’t sure about getting pictures taken. And then they finally reached the obvious decision…um yeah, they should have someone take some photos! And these two are wedding photographers¬†from Wisconsin! Hey, I’ll be the first to admit…we are around so many weddings every year, that thinking about doing your own could be daunting. The idea of keeping it simple sounds uber appealing. I get it. Although of course I don’t have to worry about that ever again (16 years this June, heck ya baby). BUT…I’m so happy…