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Hey there...my name is Mike and you've arrived at my blog. If you came from my main website, awesome...take a look around and see all the latest weddings and engagements, lifestyle shoots and of course...storm images.


(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, canon 35mm f/1.4 l, iso 100, f/5, 1/200th, 8-image stitch // buy print) After seeing that amazing supercell near Booker, Texas…it’s tough to imagine anything looking more ominous. But this storm was close. This is a big, 8-image panoramic, so things look further away than they actually were. The wall cloud was rotating violently, and we stood there in awe of what we were seeing. You can see in the darker area of the wall cloud how low the base is to the ground. Incredible. This storm was marching…


I’ve known some of the people in this family for almost 20 years. Watching the Evjen’s grow from five into 11 has been a blessing for me. Having three kids of my own, that’s what we look like right now. Someday I’ll get to experience what it’s like to see my kids get married and then have little grandchildren of their own. And then hopefully we’ll do some photos like these. Love this group so much.


These ladies…mom Jaime and her two daughters Robyn and Rhylie, traveled across country all the way from Iowa to Arizona, to see the Grand Canyon, In & Out Burger, other sights and to have me take their photos. Unbelievable. I was so excited to meet the two little ones for many reasons, but one was because I heard they had questions for me. About storm chasing of course and when the eldest stood in front of me with a piece of paper, I knew this was a legit interview. “What’s the best storm you’ve ever chased?” “Do you take your…


I first met Kathryn at Michelle and Scott’s wedding back in October of 2013, and shortly after received an email from her about her own wedding! Hands down, my favorite kinds of clients are people I’ve already met at other weddings! You feel like you already know them and it makes everything that much easier. And to make it even more fun, Michelle was a bridesmaid at Kathryn’s wedding of course, and Scott was there as well! A mini-reunion. Such a blast of a day. A lot of firsts for me on this one…never been to The Saguaro where the…


(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark iii, canon 50mm f/1.2 l, iso 100, 1/80th, f/not sure // buy print) A large haboob rolls over South Mountain as it prepares to completely engulf the city of Phoenix, Arizona on September 6th, 2014. I almost always go for a wide-angle when shooting dust storms, but I went with two different cameras for this one and totally love the compression you get with the 50mm lens. I was pretty drained after this past summer…but I have to say, I think I’m over it now. Missing storms already and am…


This was my first time at the wonderfully rustic Whispering Tree Ranch and I’m so stoked it was for Kristi and Trevor’s wedding. They are such a beautiful couple and I loved how simple their entire day was. The venue was so well done, kudos to Jenny Ellis who owns the property and put in most of the details herself.  She also did all the flowers, which were amazing! The entire day was down there in Laveen and I have to say, it was so nice to be in a location completely off the beaten path. Serene, quiet and comfy. Thanks so much…


Hey, a print sale! It started this past Friday and will now last through Monday Tuesday -> all metal prints are 20% off…just toss in the “whatever” coupon code at check-out! Anything ordered this weekend will definitely arrive before Christmas! If you are overseas and want a print, message me first so I can get shipping information for ya. Click right here for the gallery link. There are lots of sub-galleries, but The Storm Gallery is a collection of my best work. Thank you!


Remy and Andy’s wedding was off the charts. Incredible details, insane flowers, a gorgeous sunset, two wedding dresses and three separate areas for cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. I arrived around 12:30 in the afternoon and didn’t leave until 2:30am and as I headed to my truck, guests were headed to the after-after party! I was completely drained but they kept the night going. It was a celebration of epic proportions and I’m so stoked that I could be a part of it. I first met Remy and Andy for their engagement session earlier this year and they are two incredibly…


A frame from the end of last night’s engagement session with Kristen and Jason. Incredible sunset!


Danielle and David live in Berkeley, CA, but decided to have their wedding at the stunning Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale. What a beautiful event. I first spoke to these two back in February over Skype, so finally meeting them in person was awesome! You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day out. Or a more amazing venue. You might lose your mind with all the locations to take pictures…it was endless. Headed back there in December, can’t wait! It was an awesome day. Laughs, tears, fun-filled speeches and PIE. Pie always wins in my book, especially if it’s from Piefection….