Who I am and what I do...

That video was filmed and created by the amazing Alejandra from Imaginale Design. I pretty much cry everytime I see it. Read the entire story behind it right here.

So that is most of us in the video and all of us in the photo below. In the video Jina was pregnant with Asher, and he arrived soon after. We're a tight knit group. Lyla is 5 1/2, Eli is 2 and Asher will be a year soon!

Hope you're ready for a random list of stuff I dig. It's going to happen in 3...2...1...boom: Breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Reading awesome books. Diet Coke. The Walking Dead. Breaking Bad (so sad it's over!). Game of Thrones. Arrested Development. Firefly. Superhero t-shirts. Cereal for dessert. Jesus. The sound of thunder, rain and wind chimes during a storm. Snow Patrol. A good, long nap. Doing nothing. Being busy. Watching good TV with my wife. Tickling my daughter. Seeing our baby boy learn to walk.

Oh, and I like photography too, which is probably why you're here in the first place. I have a blast shooting weddings and families in the fall/winter/spring, and then I go nuts chasing storms in the summer. Head on over to weddings, family sessions or check out my storm photography and timelapses.