Time-lapse: Storms and Landscapes

Time-lapse is a huge part of what I do. That passion was born from the basic desire to see how a dust storm looked when sped-up. And it just so happened that my third ever time-lapse was of the historic July 5th, 2011 haboob that hit Phoenix. From there things just exploded for me. My mission every storm season, on the plains and in Arizona, is to record as much weather as I can for my own short films, but also for licensing to whoever needs it.

My work has been seen in countless documentaries, commercials, films and television. Highlights include licensing by Al Gore, storm footage used in the North America series, State Farm and Acura commercials, ESPN Super Bowl promos and the motion picture Thor: The Dark World.

For licensing inquiries, please contact me here.

Time-lapse Gallery