Visiting the Mormon Temple

Last night the group I am with while working in Salt Lake City decided to head downtown for dinner, and in particular, they wanted to see the Salt Lake Mormon Temple. I’d never seen it before, probably not even in pictures, and it was an impressive campus of buildings and architecture.

Below are just a few photos of the place, I have a couple of others I may post this weekend if I get a chance to process them as HDRs like I want to. My work computer doesn’t have all the tools on it I’d like. Specifically, there was a pretty cool water fountain that I took some long exposures on and it might turn out very cool.

Parting shots

I took a few more pictures on my last two days in Corvallis, Oregon. The first one below was of a very foggy morning and I just had to stop on my way into the office. I kind of like the lights in the background of this neighborhood park.

The ones below were shot up top this hill and a road that I just happened to drive up. The sight was breathtaking.

Particularly love the above shot…the tree at the end of the path completes it I think.

I’m fascinated with road shots of late.

Fog and trees, part 2

Here is the second part of some of the photos I took on Monday morning on my way from Portland to Corvallis. I had some time to spare before I was to meet the people I was visiting, so I took these in a few random places.

The final two are re-edits from Part 1 because Tyler wanted to see them without the greenish hint to them.

There is a deer there to the left of the pine tree on the right…

Beautiful farm with foggy hills behind

A closer look at the farm.

A shot I’ve always, always wanted to shoot…and some of my favorites that other people do. A lone tree on a hillside. Simple, minimalistic…beautiful.

Another road…beginning to realize my attraction for shooting them.

For Tyler

For Tyler

Fog and trees, part 1

This week I’m spending four days in Corvallis, Oregon to help in testing a new system out for one of our clients. Whilst I’m here, I’m trying to snap photos whenever I can, to take advantage of being in this beautiful, stunning and gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Right now it’s just rain and fog…but the trees mixed with the fog was almost too much for me to handle. Hope you like the photos.

This last one above had two deer leisurely enjoying a little grass in the morning.

Some Springfield photos

So Springfield has been fun so far, but today got a little boring. Last night we had a major dinner with one of the sales managers and the tab had to have been over $500. A great little Italian place, we had a three-course meal and all of it was so unbelievably good, it’s impossible to describe it.

But like I said, today was a bit boring. Most of the testing on my stuff is done and the rest is more sitting around and supporting anything that comes up. Thankfully, I took advantage of the downtime to leave the warehouse where we were testing to walk down a little road for about 100 feet to snap some shots of some old houses and fall colors.

I totally loved this old little house/shed (whatever it was)…the paint was peeling off and just looked awesome.  As you can see in the photos below, it’s essentially the subject of all four shots.

Here they are below.

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