Illegal Dumping in Arizona

The more people find out about my love for photography, the more ideas get thrown my way about things to capture on camera. The latest was from Nicole who told me about a photography contest that was meant to raise awareness about illegal dumping in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Of course I asked on Twitter/Facebook and got a few ideas on where to go, the main one was in Avondale where there is a lot of dumping near the Gila River.  Well, my time was limited out there and I was only able to go because one of my “normal job” clients is on that side of town, so I didn’t get to find a ton of stuff.

But I did see some trash dumped next to the river which is where the above photograph was taken.  It’s actually a fairly lush place, lots of trees and birds flying around, but also a lot of trash and garbage. Ugh.

The HDR photo below was shot in an old, abandoned building on Lower Buckeye Road west of Avondale Blvd. No fences, it only sits 40 feet from the road and the doors are all wide open. It was surprisingly creepy despite traffic whizzing by not too far away. Birds flew through it, chirping was coming from all over…and you just had a feeling some homeless person might just pop up out of nowhere.