Vespa at The Coffee Shop

One of the places I visit every Thursday morning with a few buddies is called The Coffee Shop, located near Joe’s Farm Grill on Higley and Ray. They have good coffee and seriously yummy breakfasts and it’s a perfect place for a guy’s weekly meet up to discuss anything from new iPads to what the heck is happening on Lost to things going on in our lives.

The spot tends to draw cool vehicles from time to time, including this Aston Martin Vantage which I photographed last year.

Some pretty snazzy Vespas show up from time to time, this one appeared to have some scratches, dings and could have used a wash, but I liked the “ambiance” around it so I snapped off a few brackets before heading in for breakfast.

Some recent HDR photography

I wrote not too long ago about my first real HDR photo, which you can read if you missed it. Basically it’s the art of combining three or more photos of one scene, shot at different light levels, and turn them into a surreal looking finished product.

I’ve been really going nuts with it in the last week and I think my abilities in this manner area really getting better.

I’m posting the best ones of the bunch below, hope you enjoy.

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