The rainy desert

Storms on Table Mesa - Arizona Monsoon

I love black and white photography. Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that I would endeavor to do a lot more B&W this summer during stormchasing. What’s kind of happened is that I’m really enjoying colors. I’ll try it without any color and will usually end up going back.

This one, however, I really liked with some harsh black and white processing.

Rain falling on the desert, some beautiful textures in the clouds…and a single peak (hard to see) on the left horizon shrouded in light from the sun.

It’s hard to beat capturing the stormy skies of the desert down here in Arizona.

(canon 5d mark ii, canon 17-40mm f/4, iso 100, 17mm, f/18, 1/40sec)

Sunrise over Boob Mountain

I was on my way to Williams, Arizona with my work buddy Jesse, followed up by another guy named Steve in his truck. We had to do a little client support up there so to get to the site by 7:30am, you need to leave Phoenix around 4. These two guys both smoke and so we ended up pulling over on Table Mesa Road for a little morning cigarette break and also to satisfy my need for a sunrise photo. Because man, if I have to get up at 4 o-clock in the morning for work, at least let me get a photograph out of it.

I’m setting up my tripod, Jesse is telling Steve about HDR and why I’m going to end up taking so many exposures, the sky changes to an insane array of colors and tones, and I’m just happy we pulled over when we did.

Now Jesse is a car guy and an off road guy. Rarely does a weekend go by that he’s not out in the desert, squeezing his Toyota pickup through tight spots and narrow canyons. He’s been all over Arizona, seen many things and has been to a lot of places that he tells me I need to photograph.

So as I’m shooting brackets, he leans over to me:

“You know the locals around here call that Boob Mountain.”

I laugh.

“You know Jesse, I’m totally going to post this photo on my blog and call it ‘Sunrise over Boob Mountain’ now right?”

He laughs.

Later in the car.

“Mike, you know I was joking about the name right. I just made that up.”

“I know.”

Fine, I didn’t know, but the name was awesome, we had a good laugh about it and there was no way I wouldn’t end up posting this someday without using Jesse’s made up mountain.