Sunrise from the 19th floor

During the summer monsoon season, morning storms that roll through Phoenix are a rarity. And it seems the weather service usually has an even harder time predicting them. So most of the time they are unexpected, which makes them so much more enjoyable and fun. Waking up to thunder, or a rainy drive into work…at least for me, is one of the finer things in life.

This shot was taken last week from the 19th floor of my office building located on Central near Thomas. The main mountain you see just to the left of center on the horizon is Camelback. A gorgeous morning, it was so hard to pass up a sunrise that exploded light rays through dying storm clouds. Moments like this, with the light, shadows and clouds, are what HDR photography is made for. At least…one of the reasons!

Working at Paradise Bakery

My car is being fixed, it had a bad engine coil and some warped drums on the front brakes, so I’ve been sitting and working at Paradise Bakery on Germann and Gilbert. I do love this place…the people have been friendly, even offering to get me a refill of my diet Coke.

Had a fantastic omelette for breakfast and if I’m here any longer, looks like a decent salad for lunch. It’s actually been quite fun and an easy place to focus on work. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done this morning.

If you’re curious, the cup in the picture below is sitting on a stack of P&ID drawings for a project I’m working on in Henderson, Nevada.

Oh, and a bonus sunrise photo from today:

The above is a regular ol’ sunrise photo, the ones below are HDR/