Stormchasing Arizona 2011 is ready for Pre-Order!

Stormchasing Arizona

I’ve been a writer of sorts for a long time now. Started with a three-year or so stint doing sports writing, then some entertainment jabbering, a lot of personal bits and of course, stories to go along with the work I’m doing in photography. But during all that time, if I ever thought about publishing a book, it was always with the idea of writing some kind of science fiction novel or something like that. In fact, I actually wrote a few chapters.

Yet here I am on volume two of Stormchasing Arizona and that sci-fi story sits waiting for me to re-visit it someday.

The book was finished last Friday, November 4th and now is available for Pre-Order! I’m so totally stoked about this year’s edition, which is filled with over 100 images and 25 more pages than last year’s.

You can see a preview of the book, more details on what’s inside and the way to pre-order by clicking right here or the My Book link at the top of this page!

Thanks so much to everyone involved with making this a possibility!

Interview with Channel 12

Here is the interview I did last Friday with Sarah Walters at Channel 12 in downtown Phoenix, the local NBC affiliate. The topic was my photobook, Stormchasing Arizona.

Now, I want to warn you…don’t blink, you may miss it *grin*

During the interview I talked a lot about some of my favorite images, growing up in Arizona, why Arizona is awesome for storms and my love for weather. A lot of that didn’t make it into the final version of the interview, and while some of that disappoints me, I’m still thrilled that I got the chance to do this. Everyone was so nice down there, Sarah had me sit at the Weather Desk which is just a bank of computer monitors (Something I’d love to have someday) and it was awesome seeing it behind the scenes.

For those still looking to buy the book before Christmas, the price is $44.95 for a limited time and you can get it by heading over to

Thanks again to Sarah for the interview!

‘Stormchasing Arizona’

The book is no longer available for pre-order, however you can still buy it at its current rate. Please click here for the dedicated page for Stormchasing Arizona.

My faithful friends and fellow photographers out there know I’ve been working on a photobook for a few months now. Ever since the monsoons ended back in late September, I’ve been putting this thing together. My goal this year was to chase the Arizona monsoons as often as I could, try to capture it in as many ways as I possible, and then publish a photo journal filled with all my favorite images from the summer.

The book is called “Stormchasing Arizona” and I’m happy to report it’s done!

Finito. Complete. Well, almost. Yes, my wonderful and amazing wife spent over two hours last night proofreading it, but it probably requires another quick read-through by me and probably her as well.  But I’m happy with what’s in there, I’m excited and proud of the work I put into it and am looking forward to holding it my hands for the first time. A lot of blood and sweat went into this photo journal. Not only the hundreds upon hundreds of miles I drove this summer, the time away from my girls…but the actual assembly required a lot of writing, re-writing, editing, image editing, image re-editing, etc. I hate doing things halfway…so I wanted to make this as perfect as I could for the first edition.

Yes…the plan is to doing this every year if I can possibly make it happen.

Some facts about the book:

  • Hardcover with dust jacket
  • 56 pages
  • Approximately 75 images
  • Photos of storms, rain, sunsets, cactus, clouds, lightning, dust storms, microbursts, wall clouds, roads, desert mountains, powerlines, flowers, corn and of course a little self-portrait on the back slipcover. I know that’s what the people really want anyways. Processing methods include HDR, black and white and standard color.

I’ve included a few screen captures of the book in this post, but didn’t want to reveal too many lest you have no reason to buy it!

Here is the skinny:I’m selling the book for a pre-order discount price of $40 until November 25th. After that the regular price of $54.95 will go into effect. Obviously shipping isn’t included in that price, but if you live in the Phoenix area, or are willing to drive, we can arrange a pickup/delivery for no shipping cost. Books will be shipped out/available the first week or two of December. If you need one quicker and are worried about Christmas timing, let me know and I’ll make sure we do what we can to get your copy when you need it.

If you have any questions, please email me: MikeOlbinski @ Gmail Dot COM