Snow storm on the Beeline

Unless you get a nice hail storm during the summer months, it’s really rare to see pure white downpours from storm clouds, hence it was a ton of fun yesterday seeing snow falling all over the desert.

I pulled over to the shoulder on the overpass at the Bush Highway/Beeline Highway intersection. Stood there for about 20 minutes watching this storm move from left to right as it slowly approached the Four Peaks off camera. Once it went by, we took off for the Four Peaks themselves and that’s when I got the image previous to this one.

I had a ton of fun just shooting yesterday, but it was also great to see all these other people pulling off next to me, or in other places…kids, families, everyone, just out looking to see some snow and take pictures. It’s a rare sight to see cars parked alongside roads just to snap a photo of a brief snow shower! Welcome to Arizona!