Welcome to the world baby Wyatt

Our very good friends Tyler and Sara had their second child in the wee early hours of Saturday morning and his name was Wyatt. A cute little guy, apparently does nothing but sleep and whimper so very sweetly. I’m sure the tired parents are hoping that trend continues.

Just two shots of this guy from our quick visit to see them yesterday.

Sneak peak: Makale’s maternity shoot

A beautiful couple, a baby girl on the way and Joe’s Farm Grill were the perfect ingredients for a little pre-baby photoshoot yesterday evening. Makale and Terrence invited me to photograph their baby shower a few weeks ago and last night I was lucky enough to help them create a few more memories of baby Giuliana before she enters this world.

We ended up with a lot of good shots from the shoot last night and I’m still going through them, but I just had to post this one. Most guys get a little uncomfortable when it comes to being romantic and all lovey-dovey during shoots (I remember being that way the first time Jina and I did one), but he was a trooper and did everything asked of him and more.

To me, this shot kind of shows the anticipation a soon-to-be father might have…that anxious and sometimes scary uncertainty. I definitely felt that way.

Standing on Chairs

Last week Lyla learned how to pull herself up on our chairs, and eventually the table itself. Now, I think we’ve kind of gotten on her enough that she’s sticking to chairs only, but don’t try to put an end to that either! She’ll have none of it…

Anyways, as much as I wish she wasn’t up there grasping at laptops and cameras and vases full of flowers, there is something absolutely adorable about her little feet and legs when she’s trying to balance herself and keep steady.

I know I’m on a little baby feet kick right now, but they are kind of hard to pass up when you see them like this.

Babies, birthday suits and jeans

If there was a love inside of me for storm/landscape photography, there is an equal love for taking pictures of people. Random shots, candid portraits…that’s what I love. And above all that, I love taking pictures of my little girl Lyla Grace.

For those new people who may have just started following some of my work, Lyla took a long time to make happen. Infertility problems and an expensive in vitro procedure amounted to about six years of trying until she was finally born into this world. She’s an angel and a light in our lives.

Some of my best photos in the world have her in them. I’m just now starting the process of printing and framing a few of my favorites.

These are new from the last week. I’ve never had any of those obligatory “naked baby” photos of her yet so I figured it was about time before she got a little too old for that sort of thing *grin*

The last shot is just a fun little one of her standing on the couch, which sometimes she’d much rather do instead of just sitting down to relax. The kid has a boundless supply of energy.


Kids are fun to watch play together. My wife heard that toddlers play and act like adults without any censorship. For example, the kid at the mall yesterday that snarled at my 17-month old daughter like he was a lion on the prowl in Africa. You don’t see adults doing that, but we’d all certainly like to from time to time am I right?

The above scene was shot at a local restaurant with some of our friends. Two of the girls are already hard at work tearing grass out of the ground, while the third stands and contemplates joining them. Funny how for a child, a simple act of joining on the sport of grass-hocking causes a pause or hesitation.

Although, I suppose we old people aren’t much different from kids that way.

(this photo was taken at Joe’s Farm Grill, a wonderful little restaurant in Gilbert, Arizona that has amazing food and a great outdoor eating area. Check it out sometime!)

Away we go…

This photo is emotional for me. The more I look at it, the more it says to the father inside me. This shot is of my daughter Lyla on Easter, just walking down the yard, seemingly oblivious to anything but where she wants to go.

And that is exactly her.  She is always walking…always moving…always headed somewhere. Nothing will stop her. She’s going to do great things one day.

When I see her in this picture…it’s a foreshadowing of what the future holds…something that every father likely never looks forward to. His little girl leaving.

Sure…I want nothing but the best for her. I’m so excited to see what she becomes and where she goes. I’ll be her biggest fan, I know it.

But moments like this, captured in a photo…will forever be in my head. Memories of when the world was new to her and the future was a place she was already longing to be.

Something different: Urban photography with Brian

Brian is starting a church down in central Phoenix, a place where God has led him and his family to reach the urban crowd. Downtown Phoenix isn’t like your normal big city downtown, at least those like San Francisco, New York, Boston, etc. It’s more spread out, there are wider spaces, houses and random sprawl.

But it still has a central corridor and some high rise buildings. Brian wanted some photos of himself down there to use on his blog, or in other things that may come up. The goal was to capture not only photos of him, but also of downtown Phoenix itself in the background and perhaps the people living there.

This was a challenge for me personally, and while I liked some of these shots, I think I could do much better with more practice. I’ve been successful at photoshoots  of people, but the focus was mainly on THEM, not as much to show the place the photo was being taken. So the challenge of getting something good of Brian while showcasing urban Phoenix was a big one.

Some of the results of the shoot are below. I also just took a few random photos of the light rail tracks which are after the shots of Brian. I’d love to shoot down there more often and really scour Phoenix urban scene. The possibilities are endless.

Also, if interested in the church he’s starting, you can visit