Kids are fun to watch play together. My wife heard that toddlers play and act like adults without any censorship. For example, the kid at the mall yesterday that snarled at my 17-month old daughter like he was a lion on the prowl in Africa. You don’t see adults doing that, but we’d all certainly like to from time to time am I right?

The above scene was shot at a local restaurant with some of our friends. Two of the girls are already hard at work tearing grass out of the ground, while the third stands and contemplates joining them. Funny how for a child, a simple act of joining on the sport of grass-hocking causes a pause or hesitation.

Although, I suppose we old people aren’t much different from kids that way.

(this photo was taken at Joe’s Farm Grill, a wonderful little restaurant in Gilbert, Arizona that has amazing food and a great outdoor eating area. Check it out sometime!)