One man’s trash…

Downtown Phoenix Urban Trash Can

…you know the rest.

Taken after I took in a Suns game with my old man…dropped him off at his car, I stopped in quickly to see if anyone was still up at home, no one was, so I grabbed my gear and went out into the rain-soaked downtown Phoenix area.

Not too many wet spots in this scene, although you can see some puddles here and there. This bricked area has a large cover over the entire area, although it’s probably more of a screen than anything else.

Shot with the 50mm once again, I knew I wanted to capture the light and shadows playing off the bricks and leaves, plus isolate the focus on this lone garbage can standing watch over the whole area. There is something magical to me when I see fall leaves strewn about cobblestone, pavement or bricks…it’s hard for me to look away and not want to snap a million photos. Perhaps without them, this image wouldn’t have demanded I capture it…who knows.

Hoping to find a few more scenes like this on our early morning photowalk coming this Saturday.

World Market Center

Last week I posted a shot from the parking garage of the World Market Center, but other than me telling you what it was, you’d have no idea unless you knew the place. But it looked awesome from the outside, so before I left, I wandered into the outdoor “lobby” between a few of these buildings and was just struck by the awesome architecture, lines and especially the shadows highlighting the name of the place.

One of the highlights of taking this shot was that the security guard across the way never once bothered me or even approached me. And I was sitting there sprawled out on the ground to get as low as I could in order to capture the ground all the way up to the top of the buildings with my 17-35mm. I was sure someone would come ask what the heck I was doing.

But this is Vegas I guess…they’ve probably seen it all.