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I don’t always talk about my processing  methods because I’d rather go into more detail about the image itself, why I took it, where I took it and what I may have learned from being out that day. But when I do share a bit of my post-processing work, I talk a lot about the Perfect PhotoSuite from onOne Software.

There are quite a few amazing reasons why this software package is a valuable part of my workflow. Almost beyond valuable. It gives you the power to do simple, minute enhances to your images but also allows you to use filters to create sweet effects. Plus it will help you with hundreds of textures, album templates, add framing, increase your image sizes for printing and a ton more. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

But on top of the abilities of the software itself, the team behind it are even more awesome. Almost daily you can watch LIVE webinars on their website where one of their software experts guides you through that days lessons on the best ways to use their tools. My buddy Brian Matiash started working there awhile ago and he’s been such a valuable asset for them. He has the incredible gift of wanting to help people be better. Without asking for anything in return. And he took that quality to onOne Software and the amount of teaching and education pouring out of their website every week is remarkable.

You can watch these webinars live or taped. And NOW…just launched recently…you can subscribe to their onOne University Webinars PODCAST on iTunes. Already in just a few weeks, it’s gone from a brand new channel almost 18,000+ podcasts to #27! That’s astounding!

So a few links for you today:

The information for the Podcast can be found right here, but you need to subscribe on iTunes. Just search for “onOne University.”

And if you want to check out their software or buy it, you can get $100 off the Perfect PhotoSuite for the entire month of February. Smoking deal, check it out right here.