Sneak Peek: Eleana, Dale and their boys

Meet this foursome, from left to right: Duke, Dale, DJ (Dale Junior) and Eleana.  I met the human duo of this group at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market when I showed my photography there about a month ago.  What an amazing couple these two are. They love their horses beyond words and wanted some pictures taken for the holidays.

They have been awfully kind to me. Eleana used to live by the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction and told me that she’s never seen a photograph that captured their essence until she walked by my booth at the market.  Because of that they wanted me for their equestrian photoshoot this past Friday. I was blown away and humbled at her comments and of course I took up the challenge of capturing the four of them.

Never photographed horses like this before, so it was definitely a learning experience!

Thank you guys so much for having me out there to hang with you and your boys for a little bit. Wonderful animals, they were adorable and fun to be around. Watching them run and play was so amazing…something I don’t think I’ve really seen before.

Here are just a few images from the shoot…there are so many more to go through!

Some recent random photos

I take a lot of weather photos and pictures of family, but I’m also branching off into whatever else I find interesting. This website I joined (my profile right here) constantly challenges people to photograph different themes, like Decay, or Halloween, Nostalgia, etc. That motivates me to think more and look for stuff to shoot that I wouldn’t ordinarily go after.

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