OneQuestion: Gina Meola

Gina Meola Photography

The OneQuestion guest series continues today with one of my favorite photographers in the Phoenix area, Gina Meola. The first time we were introduced was at one of our First Friday events down at New City Studio. She hugged me instead of shaking my hand. I was surprised because no one has ever really hugged me the second they met me, but that’s Gina. She’s a hugger. Her smile and laugh are infectious. And she’s passionate about what she does. I am so blessed to have her guest blog for me this week. And stay tuned, I believe she’s presenting a lot more of her work at an upcoming First Friday gallery related to her answer below! Thank you so much Gina!

What do you have a passion to photograph? What would make you forego much-needed sleep

because you just can’t help but get out and take more pictures?

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My husband and I are international wedding photographers. People pay us to travel. We shoot incredible couples in expensive gowns and high end venues on sunny beaches and fabulous cities… What a dream. I truly cherish the relationships with our clients who allow us to enter their love story and live out our passions.

But what keeps me up at night, at least without coffee or bloodshot eyes, are not designer shoes and gourmet cakes. They are faces and stories of people worlds away.

My first serious interaction with photography happened while living in Thailand with an AIDS relief organization. I had traveled extensively prior, but never had I lived next to slums surrounded by the poverty-stricken orphaned and dying. My heart was ravaged and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I started building friendships with, and photographing the people I worked with. They were sick, and hurting, and afraid – but they were beautiful.

It wasn’t long before I began sharing these stories and images, and people from around the world were walking through this journey with me.

When an image not only evokes emotion, but inspires action, you’ve done a service. You are using your gifts to defend and care for those who cannot do it themselves. This became a fundamental value of our business when we decided it (the business) was a means, or vehicle to something much greater than ourselves. How that will play out over the next few years is in God’s hands 🙂

Thanks, Mike!! XOXO