Some graffiti on the Gila River Indian Reservation

Back in February my wife, my daughter and little ol’ me went for a short drive south of Chandler along State Route 87 and then took a turn into a road in the Gila River Indian Reservation. We found a very cool bridge (which is the first picture below) that was covered in graffiti. Coupled with the storm clouds, I was just loving this shot.

But after we crossed it, we found this water diversion structure adorned in graffiti, and while to some it may be vandalism and a crime (which it probably is), I found it beautiful in the setting we were in.

This isn’t some fence in a neighborhood, or an overpass on a freeway…this was a little used road, a little seen structure that is suddenly a very cool visual art display. I wont say it’s the greatest graffiti art I’ve ever seen, but it’s still kind of awesome.

There are some HDR shots in here as well as some standard shots.

The above is an HDR shot of the bridge and the storm clouds. Yummy.

A shot of the diversion structure and some building that is a part of it.

This is a decent view of the building, the structure  and the bridge behind it…graffiti everywhere.

A wider shot…this is over a second, smaller bridge that spanned this little water flow. HDR.

An HDR photo looking down the stairs into the structure. HDR.

A shot inside the building, looking in from one of the doorways. HDR.

This is looking back out the way I walked in. HDR.

This was actually shot elsewhere, on a different day, but it was on the same Indian reservation.