Standing on Chairs

Last week Lyla learned how to pull herself up on our chairs, and eventually the table itself. Now, I think we’ve kind of gotten on her enough that she’s sticking to chairs only, but don’t try to put an end to that either! She’ll have none of it…

Anyways, as much as I wish she wasn’t up there grasping at laptops and cameras and vases full of flowers, there is something absolutely adorable about her little feet and legs when she’s trying to balance herself and keep steady.

I know I’m on a little baby feet kick right now, but they are kind of hard to pass up when you see them like this.

Painted nails, baby feet and kissing

Our wonderful and amazing babysitter painted Lyla’s toes on Thursday, and they are such tiny, crinkly toes at that. She was sitting/standing/playing on the bathroom countertop this morning while mommy got ready, so I grabbed the camera to snap a few photos (of course).

All on her own, with barely any prompting from me, Lyla started smooching herself in the mirror and then laughing afterwards. It was amazing fun to watch.