Downtown Eindhoven during the World Cup Finals

I rarely, if ever, have done an HDR shot involving more than one person and usually that’s because they ended up in the picture on accident. It’s just not something I think always looks the best and comes across in a very good way.

But I figured I wanted to try it on this one to see how it worked out, so that people could get more of an idea of the depth in this scene. I shot this last Sunday night when we went to downtown Eindhoven to watch the World Cup Finals with the natives. If you recall it was the Netherlands versus Spain and the town was covered in orange. So much orange. We all wore orange that we brought along or bought there, trying to support the Dutch!

This shows how busy it was in this part of the downtown area, but the squares with the giant hanging TVs were even more insane. However, we skipped ’em because the humidity was super high and the heat generated by a crowd of thousands was almost enough to make us feel like we were drowning.

We watched it at this pub on the left and had a super fun time. Wish they would have won…even more wish they had at least scored so we could have felt the crowd’s energy around us.

Better luck in four years guys!

De Collse Watermolen

The taxi drivers in Holland are absolutely insane. They drive 60mph down two-lane highways the size of a one-lane highway with bike riders only inches away from losing their lives. Somehow, someway, I spotted the water mill in the photo as we flew past it Sunday night on our way to Eindhoven to watch the big soccer match.

Last night was beautiful after two separate rain storms, so we took a nice walk, passed some cool old houses, horses, cornfields and of course, found the mill.  This is the “Collse Watermolen”, a thirteenth century mill that was used for oil pressing and as a cornmill. You can read a lot more of its history by clicking here.

The biggest “claim to fame” this mill has is that Vincent van Gogh painted it back in the year 1884 when he lived in Nuenen, the town I’m staying in while in Holland.  You can see it at the bottom of this post.

One of the cooler things I’ve seen so far in Holland, I also took some very up-close shots of the wheels themselves and will process those later on.

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