My work displayed at the Gallery 225

I’ve been holding it in since the end of 2010, but it’s time to finally announce a nice little milestone for me.

During one of my booths I did down at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market right before Christmas, I was told that a lady named Mary Ellen was interested in my work and that she ran a gallery across the street in historic downtown Gilbert.

I walked over there, met her and she told me to ring her back in January or February when things slowed down.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Last weekend I delivered 18 prints to the Gallery 225 and 8 of them are hanging on the wall, which you can see in the photo at the bottom of this post. I printed a few in metallic, there are mostly 12x18s but a couple of big 20x30s. The unframed prints are in the bin below the hanging art.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I did a showing at First Friday last year, but this is the first time I’ve had anything for sale in an actual art gallery. The idea that someone liked my work enough to ask me to be a part of their gallery is incredibly humbling and absolutely a confirmation about what I’m doing.

The work will hang up there for at least four months (probably a lot longer) and hopefully we’ll sell enough that we’ll rotate in some new prints!

Special thanks to Jessa Koppenhofer who runs the Gilbert Farmer’s Market for making the connection. Can’t thank you enough for everything you do for the people at your market.

And of course, thanks to Mary Ellen for loving my work enough to have it in your awesome gallery!

So if you live on that side of town (or don’t), go check it out! The Gallery 225 is right across the street from Liberty Market and The Farm.  

Photoshoot: The Hillis Family {gilbert family photographer}

The Hillis family have pictures taken every year around their 8-year old Isaac’s birthday, just in time for Christmas and the holidays.  I was lucky enough to get to shoot them this time around in a quick little meetup in downtown Gilbert. For those families on a budget or looking for some simple group shots of the family for X-Mas cards, I’m doing short, 30-minute sessions for $75. If interested, let me know via the contact form on the Portraits page!

Amazingly, we still squeezed in a decent amount of poses and even a wardrobe change into half-an-hour. A beautiful family with a cutie little dog named Luigi who only pays attention to you if you whistle loud or yell “Birdies!” I think I sounded like a broken record at the end trying to get that fluffy ball of fur to look at me!

Had a lot of fun you guys, thanks for allowing me into your lives for this wee bit of time!

The water tower in downtown Gilbert

One of my favorite landmarks around this part of Phoenix is the water town in downtown Gilbert. Right below it is a splash pad water play area for kids, which is where we always watch our little girl play after having breakfast at Liberty Market (a faaaantastic place to eat).

This past weekend we were there once again, this time with some of our family and their kids, so we sat for awhile and had a great time. The weather was magnificent, it was dropping to below 90 on that day and the clouds especially were the fluffy kind we hadn’t seen in awhile. As they floated overhead, I just knew I had to get a shot of this water tower with one of those cloudy things floating above it.

No tripod handy, this is just a three-bracket HDR with the usual suspects of Photomatix/CS5/Imagenomic/Topaz Adjust. It was actually a fairly troublesome, noisy beast to deal with, took me awhile to get this where I wanted it to be.