New City Gallery: March First Friday

I’ve regretfully failed to post pictures from our recent First Friday events down at the Day Twelve/New City Gallery the last few months.

We’ve had some awesome showings and some amazing photography. This past one in early March was dedicated to fashion and we had some outstanding work from everyone.

Here are just a few candid shots from the night.


First Friday @ Day Twelve – January

We had another amazing First Friday event this past weekend down at the Day Twelve Gallery. Hundreds of people came through, heard some awesome music from Ree Boado, Brian, Noel and others, ate some good food and saw some fantastic art from the photographers who participated this month.

This was probably the biggest one so far in terms of the amount of foot traffic, so it’s awesome to see how much this little monthly event is growing.

Here are some pictures from the evening!

First Friday @ Day Twelve Space is tomorrow!

It’s time once again for a First Friday event at the Day Twelve Space in downtown Phoenix! This is our third such event and they get better and better!

I am the “curator” this month and despite the challenge of trying to find photographers with the time to get prints made around the holiday season, we ended up with some great talent that will be fun to check out. From a macro photographer with some beautiful flower work, an abstract artist, a wedding and newborn photographer and a jack of all trades…the variety is great!

The event runs 6-10pm tomorrow and we’ll have snacks, wine and some seriously AMAZING music and vocals from Ree Boado. Please stop by, say hello to their artists, hang out, talk a bit and have a great time!

Invite a friend!

Oh, and we’re trying to help out a foster teens organization dedicated to helping them get a new start, so if you have a new toiletry bag or new flash drive, please bring it to donate! Thank you!

Another First Friday is this weekend!

Monday night I visited Neighborhood Ministries in downtown Phoenix to shoot some photos of kids for the Day Twelve Gallery and this coming First Friday event. I wish I could remember the girl’s name in the photo above, but it was long and I’m bad with them anyways. However, when I asked her name…I remember it sounding beautiful. Just like her. A foster child attending this weekly Neighborhood Ministries event…who knows what her life is like? Is it hard? Has she been shuffled around a lot? Separated from siblings? Or have things been good for her?

I don’t know any of the answers, but I do know her smile and enthusiasm were catching. I took about five photos of her while standing in this classroom filled with kids. She demanded the camera…I have a feeling she’s going places.

But right now, these kids need some help. This Friday’s event at Day Twelve will feature photos of children from all over, including a few from Neighborhood Ministries and also some recent images from Haiti by Charith Norvelle. The goal of the evening is to provide for these local foster kids and everyone is encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to their cause.

I urge you all to stop by on Friday night from 6-10pm, drop off a toy and see some amazing art. You can read more about it with this month’s flier.

A First Friday retrospective

(Above image of my gallery display taken by Ken Peterson. Check out his work on Flickr)

I had an idea that Friday night would be awesome, but I didn’t realize just how much of a success it would end up being. For those that follow me, I was part of a galley exhibit in downtown Phoenix for First Fridays. The gallery was organized by Day Twelve and displayed at their collaborative space on McKinely and 2nd Avenue.

If you’ve never heard of a church doing something like this, join the club. They invited six of us to show our work, they promoted it, helped create a very gallery-like space, provided snacks and wine for the patrons and basically put their heart and soul into the event. And considering it wasn’t right on the main Roosevelt Avenue route…the signs pointing to the Gallery at Day Twelve worked amazingly.

At any given time the house contained at least 20-30 people and at times seemed to be upwards of 40-50. Hundreds came through the house from 6-10pm.

I can’t speak for my comrades, but I know everyone had a blast.

For me…I probably had only 10-20 minutes free the entire night. The rest of the time I was talking to people about my photography. Everyday friends, friends from work, friends from Facebook and a few from Twitter showed up to support my stuff and make the night great. The picture above was taken by Ken Peterson, a guyI met on Flickr who is also friends with Rick, one of the other photographers. He took the time to walk around and photograph our displays and then send us the images. Stuff like that was awesome.

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you have your art displayed, someone loves it and starts to ask you all kinds of questions about it. If you are a photog like me, you probably make your close friends and family sick with all the photography talk. So being in a setting like a gallery and meeting people who are there WANTING to ask you questions about your work is like Christmas *grin*

People took a lot of business cards and I’ve seen my website traffic jump up significantly since Friday.

I want to thank Day Twelve for putting this on. It was a humbling and exciting experience, one I’ll never forget. I mean…ever since I started doing this I had wondered if I’d ever show my work in a gallery…and this was kind of that dream come true.

And to the other photographers there…Chareth, Tiffany, Steven, Dee and Rick…you guys had awesome work and it was great to be a part of this with you all.

A few more pictures from the event are below (pardon my lens hood with the flash on the first few…geesh)

Two big upcoming events!

Things feel like a whirlwind right now and I couldn’t be happier about it. Photography has been such a fun and exciting journey for me thus far and it feels like it only gets better and better.

In the next two weeks I will be displaying my photography out in “public” for the first time. Meaning off the internet, off Flickr, off the blog…and in person, in real life. For a young photog like me…this is a big deal. Huge deal. I’m excited beyond words.

I’m keeping my expectations low. I’m the kind of guy who has an idea and immediately imagines the best possible outcome, which ends up becoming a target in my head of an actual reality. Usually…things don’t go as good as I can imagine. So I’m doing my best job at reeling “myself” in and trying to just have some fun.

This is definitely more about the opportunity than the outcome. So what are these two big events?

The first is the Grand Opening of the Gilbert Farmers Market on Saturday, October 23rd from 8am-2pm. The photo at the top of this blog post is of the water tower in downtown Gilbert, which is an image that led one of the organizers of the event to find me and ask permission to use it. They saw my work and invited me to run a booth there. I was beyond excited…first off that someone loved my photography enough to think I should be at their event…but also at the chance of doing this. Who knows if I’ll like it…I mean, it’s a long time sitting out there trying to sell your pictures and maybe come away with your full inventory completely intact. Still…I’ve always wanted to try it. And now that I’m in downtown Phoenix and the monthly First Fridays event is so close…this will be a good practice run before joining that one.

So please…if you are out on that side of town this coming weekend, I hope you can stop by! Info on when/where is right here.

And then there is the SECOND event. Man, so busy!

This November 5th is the night of the monthly First Fridays in downtown Phoenix, which I mentioned above. The church we’re down here helping start, Day Twelve, has decided to participate in this event by showing the work of five photographers for the entire month, with the kickoff on November 5th. The house the church is based in is only a block or two away from Roosevelt Avenue, the main drag of First Fridays, but we’re hoping to see some traffic come into the house anyways.

For the five of us…this is kind of a first gallery show for us. I know a lot of people will do a huge show as a solo thing, but I’m excited to be sharing this with some good friends. My buddies Dee Nichols and Rick Young will be joining me.

I’m inviting all my friends, family and anyone who may follow me on Twitter/Facebook to come check it out! The address is 812 N. 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (Google Maps).

If you have any questions or anything, please call, email me or contact me on Twitter/Facebook!