The NeverEnding Story

I have to say…coming up with movie titles has been getting tougher and tougher. Because this series has kind of become popular among those who read this blog, I’ve ended up holding onto some of my more favorite recent images until Wednesdays when I can unveil them along with a great movie title. But with that comes the problem of having an image and being unable to relate it to a film without wracking your brain for hours.

This particular image is one I had stashed in the archives long before the movie series ever started. Back from July. But when I was scrolling through some older photos tonight, I found it and the title of it kind of came to me quickly so I went with it.

The NeverEnding Story. Wow…talk about a movie from my youth. Things I remember immediately about the film: Artax. Rock Biter. Luck Dragon. Atreyu. And my biggest memory of all is friggin’ bawling my eyes out when Artax sinks into that swamp. You try to watch it now and it seems kind of silly and lame, but back then it made a big impression on me.

How does it relate to this image? Well obviously there isn’t an Ivory Tower in the photo, nor an Oracle or even a little girl named Moonchild (btw, wow what a weird name to yell out at the top of your lungs). What there is though is a path that doesn’t seem to end. And not only that, but the trees never change. It’s like the same story going on forever and ever.

A few regrets about this photo and this scene. It was taken near the small town of Damme, Belgium while I was over there for work with other guys from different companies. Work was done for the week, so a few of us rented a car to check out Bruges. On the way, the GPS steered us wrong (or right depending on how you look at it) and we ended up passing by here. What I regret is being with a group of people and not having a chance to walk down this path. It was like out of a storybook for a guy from Arizona. You just don’t see stuff like this in the desert.

I also wish I’d had my tripod with me and could have done more than three hand-held brackets for this. I like how it looks, but I think a little more data captured in 6+ brackets would have made it perfect.

This shot was taken about 50 feet to the right of a canal that you may remember me posting a picture of awhile back. You can see it right here if you missed it. It was one of those places that I’ll never forgot. I believe I wrote this already, but I could have stayed there forever just gazing at the symmetry and the neverending line of trees, paths and water.

Well, that is until the Nothing showed up to destroy it all.

Save us Bastian!

Call my name!

Ooops, sorry, got a little sucked back into the movie for a second.

A canal near Damme, Belgium

Just as Bryan was responsible for my photo from yesterday, a goofy GPS in our car we rented in Holland may have been responsible for this photo.

We were headed to Bruges, Belgium and the route was fairly direct, but somehow we found ourselves down a small farm road in the middle of nowhere and had at some point veered off towards the north. The GPS was leading us down some winding road for no apparent reason. Perhaps our driver turned right when he should have gone straight, but regardless, we were pretty happy where we ended up.

As we crossed this bridge over one of the many canals in the region, we just had to pull over. The scene before us was breathtaking. Lining these canals (not just here, but most canals we saw) was an endless line of very, very tall trees all spaced evenly, and perfectly, apart.

The sheer scope of a project that required trees to all be planted at the same time, the same distance apart and then to be trimmed and maintained to look mostly uniform was mind-boggling.  Only in very rare spots did you find a tree missing to break up the continuity.

Not only this, but on each side of the canal, just on the other side of the first line of trees, were pathways, and then MORE trees lining those. I have a shot of one of these sidewalks as well that I’ll post at another time.

This shot was difficult to process for some reason. The sun was overhead and bright, the wind was strong and the sky kind of intense. I’d love to find this spot again someday around dusk or dawn and see what I could do again.

It was was a magnificent place…I could have sat on the railing of that bridge for hours and hours.

(More shots from Holland: My Holland Trip)