A few recent, random photos

Weather and Lyla aren’t the only things I like to photograph, just so you are aware. While those are my specialties right now and the passion when it comes to me and my camera…I still like shooting random things that I find interesting.

Here are a few below, with a little caption underneath talking a bit about the photo.

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Some recent HDR photography

I wrote not too long ago about my first real HDR photo, which you can read if you missed it. Basically it’s the art of combining three or more photos of one scene, shot at different light levels, and turn them into a surreal looking finished product.

I’ve been really going nuts with it in the last week and I think my abilities in this manner area really getting better.

I’m posting the best ones of the bunch below, hope you enjoy.

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Scenes from the sky

I’m in Springfield, Missouri this week for work, which is making for very long days. Not only am I far away from home and missing Jina and Lyla, but for the most part I’m hanging with “strangers” for almost 12 hours a day, including breakfast, work, lunch, work and dinner. Most people know I like to keep to myself when I travel, so I can read, write and do whatever, so this has been tough so far (and it’s only Tuesday afternoon!).

So to break up the monotony of my day, I’m taking a break while everyone else scurries about to post a few pictures I took on the way up here.

I flew from Phoenix to Denver, where it was snowing and 34 degrees when I landed. On the way we flew over the Rocky Mountains, which had peaks dusted in new snow and lots of puffy clouds around. I absolutely loved seeing all the white and really got a kick out of the white stuff sprinkling down on the tarmac.

Here they are, hope you enjoy them as much as I did seeing it all from the plane!

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Sunday sunset photos

I love to take sunrise and sunset photos, but usually I need clouds to motivate me. Without them, the scene could look like any other day, but with them…you can a unique look and feel that can’t ever be replicated.

We finally had some clouds in the sky Sunday night after around 4-5 days of complete and utter sunshine. Ick! I trekked west on Riggs and landed just on the other side of I-10, and then took some shots around the fountain just when Sun Lakes begins.

Hope you enjoy!

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