The Hair Dresser

The more and more I do photoshoots for people, the more variety I experience not only in clients, but in the surroundings where we happen to be taking the pictures.

This guy at first didn’t seem homeless to me, but once you got a whiff of the alcohol, you knew that was the only option. My clients that day were Dee from work and his fiance who are getting married on January 1st and needed some photos for invitations.. So we ventured down to Civic Park in the heart of urban Phoenix. They were sitting on some steps when this guy walked by and tried to tell Dee that he should keep his sunglasses on and use them to look cool.

I asked him what he meant and that he should show us, so this photo was the result of that.

We weren’t prepared for what happened next though. He informed us he was also a hair dresser and that the girl’s style needed a bit of “pizazz.” So he walked up her, fluffed her hair a bit, all the while she was laughing hysterically, and then he stood back. I took a few pictures with her new “sexified” look and he nodded…”See, that’s better right?”

He finally moved on his way and we chuckled a bit then got down to business.

What kind of stuck with me was that we live in downtown Phoenix now and those encounters are happening more for me as the weeks go by. And some of you know the purpose of us moving down here was to help a church called Day Twelve get started, who’s main goal was to embrace the city and love the city in anyway it can.

For me at least, a situation like the one above can be uncomfortable. But I’m trying to get past silly stuff like that and just embrace these moments instead.

A few moments captured in Amsterdam

Sometimes you can get too attached to one kind of shot, one kind of lens and you forget that the world can be seen in a wide variety of ways. My first instinct when I landed in Holland was to capture EVERYTHING, hence my 17-35mm was the lens of choice. I wanted architecture, wide plazas, canals, cars, anything and everything…but in a wide scope.

For the first half of the trip, my 50mm 1.4 sat in the bag. But while I was in Bruges, I switched about halfway through and was thrilled at the shots I was getting. Tight shots, taking more time to compose and see what I wanted to get in the frame and mostly, the ability to get some great candid shots with my favorite lens.

There is no doubt…I can try to take candid shots with the wide angle, and sometimes they may work, but the 50mm feels like a weapon in my hands. How I love thee!

These are just a few random candid shots from Amsterdam on our last night there. Nothing earth-shattering, but I love these little peaks into the life of the city.

I read once that sometimes “travel photography” is more about capturing the people and moments, and not necessarily every famous structure or object. Everyone has seen the EiffelTower, but perhaps people haven’t seen a hard-working waitress at a little cafe down a quiet street.

It all depends on what you like. I happen to enjoy all of it.

(You can see more of my Holland pictures here: Holland Trip)