Light in the branches

(You can click on the photo for the large version)

I’ve been desperate to chase some monsoon storms around Arizona since the season started over a week ago, mostly to get solid lightning shots, but also general storm photos. But the storms aren’t cooperating and monsoon moisture is taking a very long time to move into the state so all we have are scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon hours that die off before the sun goes down.

I went out anyways yesterday, hopefully to somehow get lucky…which didn’t happen. But I was treated to some great skies with cloud debris from the earlier storms, which made for some nice backdrops around the sunset hour. This scene in particular was shot down East Price Road, northeast of Florence. I’m always a sucker for giant, old, dead looking trees (I’m not sure if these are dead or not, but in the middle of summer with no leaves…they just might be), but these guys were lit up with the setting sun in the higher branches.

I loved that lingering light coming in over the hills to the west and seeing the tops aglow…it’s something you can see better if you click on the photo for the larger version.

A beautiful sunset overall and I have a few other shots I’ll post later this week maybe.