A sweet Ford GT

During the maternity photoshoot last week, the father-to-be noticed this sweet Ford GT drive up and we ended up finding it a bit later on our walk-around at Joe’s Farm Grill. I don’t know much about cars at all (that’s probably an understatement too), so I didn’t even realize Ford made a sweet looking ride like this. I tried to explain to Terrence the beauty of HDR photography and what a picture of this car might look like once I was done processing it…and then I realized how trying to explain HDR to a non-photog is almost like explaining what I do for a living to someone…so I just told him it would be SWEEEET!

I wish the car in the background wasn’t there and I PROBABLY could have tried content awareness to get rid of it, but it doesn’t always work out like advertised, so I just left it in.

According to Wikipedia, it’s probably kind of lucky to see one considering they were only made from 2004-06 and there are only 4,038 in the world.