Fall is just around the bend

Okay, technically fall is in full swing across the country, but here in Phoenix, it’s still around 90 degrees and for this guy who really dislikes the summers out here…it’s just not “fall weather” yet. Although the nights are amazing right now.

But on my trip up north to Williams back on the 13th of October, I did run across the beginnings of fall in a few places. One of the areas I visited on my way back to Phoenix was Oak Creek Canyon which is accessible via State Route 89a from Flagstaff. I hadn’t driven down that road in a very, very long time and it was amazingly beautiful. The steep drive down with the sheer canyon walls demanded photos but there was nowhere to stop. Maybe next time.

The two lane highway presented all kinds of interesting shots where there were places to pull over and this was one of them. The trees in the far horizon are a little cloudy because of a prescribed burn going on just down the road.

Definitely need to go down there again someday…preferably with some stormy weather (of course).

The golden treetops

I have a client at work (my day job) that resides in northern Arizona. Whenever they call to have me come up, I never curse the three hour drive…I relish it and enjoy the time I get to spend seeing this beautiful state. I usually leave around 4am and thus usually find myself at an interesting spot for a sunrise, or maybe a few places for night photography, and then a bazillion other things along the way.

Yesterday I made a trip up there and I was on the lookout for fall colors. I spotted a 10,000 foot mountain nearby and saw an entire hillside covered in golden Aspen…so I asked my client if there was a way to the top and she  said YUP! So I headed down the dirt road to the top and explored a few trails that led to these amazingly tall, golden treetops.

I have never photographed fall colors before…so this is all new to me. I knew I wanted some vertical shots of tree tops and other things, so this is basically a few attempt at that. For those wondering, it’s a single exposure HDR. I actually tried doing 6 exposures, then 3…but too much movement killed it. Plus…the colors just didn’t look right. Tried the single…and bam, it came together.

Hope you enjoy a little taste of fall from Arizona!