The Multi-Color Light Pillars of downtown Phoenix

If you can imagine…I was walking past this and completely missed it. In fact, if it wasn’t for another photographer with a tripod setup, I might have just strode on by without ever knowing what could have been. In the picture above, against the sky on the right side of the shot, you can see a very large net-like structure against the sky.

That was my target. I had come down to Phoenix looking to get a shot of that lit up. But as it usually works out for me, the thing I intended to photograph becomes nothing compared to what I find along the way. It happens to me all the time. I’ve almost started to count on it.

So I was grateful for this other photog I saw getting his own shots from another angle. He made me pause, look and realize the beauty of these lights. It’s hard to see in a still photography, but they pulsated with light in different patterns, lighting up the floor and ceiling of this little covered area.

The above shot is an HDR from 5-6 brackets. I was there for awhile, then went over to the big “net” to try and get shots of that, but then soon found myself back at this first spot, this time with an entirely different color being “played” on the pillars.

The below is my return trip, another HDR from 5-6 brackets. The orange-red color looks different than the blue above because the light was pulsating in a completely different pattern.

Photos from the April 2nd ‘First Fridays’ in Phoenix

Last night we spent the evening with some friends that live in the Willo District in downtown Phoenix. Afterwards, our little group of people walked to the monthly art festival called First Fridays.

We had no idea what it was like, nor how insanely crowded it would be. Was such a fun event to attend, although a little hectic.

I love candid photography, which is kind of how I style the portraiture I am able to do from time to time. This was a haven of photo-ops and I took advantage. The photos below are of the festival itself and just some interesting things I saw while walking around down there.

All my shots are taken using the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens, no flash or tripod. Results sometimes are crappy because of motion, but the 1.4 aperture really renders some nice results.

The final shot is of the I-10, a 10-second exposure…mostly for fun, I only had a mini-tripod which didn’t hold too steady, but I really want to do more shots like that.

The slideshow of the night is below, I suggest clicking on the full-screen button on the bottom right of the window.

Phoenix First Friday – 04/02/2010 – Images by Mike Olbinski