Photoshoot: 525 Town Lake | real estate | apartments

On Sunday I teased my Twitter/Facebook followers about a photography opportunity that was becoming more of a reality. Well this is it and I’m excited about being able to do this kind of work.

A month or two ago I came into contact with a real estate broker who has some nice locations in the downtown Tempe area that he’s trying to rent/sell. I offered him a chance to see what High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography could do to showcase the places he wanted to rent and he told me to use 525 Town Lake as a test subject.

A beautiful place to live, if I happened to be back in college AND attending ASU, this might be a fun place to live. It was a great place to shoot, had some big trees, nice lines and obviously they keep the property looking awesome.

The use of HDR (not over the top, a more subtle approach, my style in general) really adds a level of clarity, rich tones and a more realistic idea of what the place looks like in person. For me personally, the dynamic range in the photos I posted here makes 525 Town Lake look beautiful and downright inviting.

The results of the trial run were a success and a few more properties are already in the works. In addition, the obvious next step is to also photograph the interiors of these places and I’m hoping that will happen shortly. While these exterior HDR photos are a big improvement over standard ones, I think the interior shots may surpass them.

If you are interested in using this style of photography for your own properties or listings, be it rentals or sales, send me a note via my contact page.