Visiting Ontario, Canada

My job has sent me to Ontatio, Canada for two weeks, more specifically the Toronto-Burlington area. Since we were here over the weekend, I was able to visit Niagara Falls and then take a long drive on Sunday exploring Toronto and some farm land areas.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the trip so far, hope you enjoy them!

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Niagara Falls

Thanksgiving 2009

Lyla's First Birthday

Some photos with the new lens

Thanks to some wonderful graduation gift cards and money, I was able to purchase a new lens for my camera. It was a 50mm 1.4f (I know, what???) and is a great lens for portraits, low-light situations and many other types of pictures. It’s super-clear and has an amazing bokeh or “blurry” factor with objects behind your main area of focus.

Anyways, here are a few shots with this lens…nothing spectacular, although I do love the broken green bottle shot.

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A few recent, random photos

Weather and Lyla aren’t the only things I like to photograph, just so you are aware. While those are my specialties right now and the passion when it comes to me and my camera…I still like shooting random things that I find interesting.

Here are a few below, with a little caption underneath talking a bit about the photo.

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Some recent HDR photography

I wrote not too long ago about my first real HDR photo, which you can read if you missed it. Basically it’s the art of combining three or more photos of one scene, shot at different light levels, and turn them into a surreal looking finished product.

I’ve been really going nuts with it in the last week and I think my abilities in this manner area really getting better.

I’m posting the best ones of the bunch below, hope you enjoy.

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A photographic walk-about

Last week I was working so much I needed a break. At the same time, I’d been having this realization about photography. I would get jealous and wish I could be in locations with amazing buildings, structures, mountains, etc., where I would see some awesome pictures being taken.

I decided that a good photographer can find stuff wherever they are, no matter how bleak it might appear.

So I took an hour to drive just a few miles from my house and explore. It was amazing what I discovered from that simple drive. Animals, train tracks and one of my best photos thus far. I’ll be posting that one a bit later.

Hope you enjoy this little walk-about. I also wrote a story about it on JPG Magazine, which you can read by clicking here.

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Baby Ava

Baby Halloween 2009