Winter Storm Photos: Part 2

On Sunday the wife was sick so I gathered up Lyla and we went storm chasing on several occasions.  Here are a few shots from our fun filled day!

Great big downpour over the San Tans.

Look at the green desert! All that rain is making our desert floors bloom!

You’ll be seeing more clouds like this in the coming days, I’m liking the look and feel of this kind of processing.

Another shot of the rain over the San Tan Mountains.

Dark clouds.

A low hanging, spooky cloud.

Sunset, without the colors! Why? Because the colors didn’t turn out so well, but I still loved the look.

My stormchasing sweetheart!

Winter Storm Photos: Part 1

Some storm photos from the weekend. These below all were shot south of town along State Route 87. We went off the road for a bit onto a side road and ended up spotting some amazing stuff, like this old bridge below adorned with graffiti. We actually found TONS of graffiti, but that’s another post for another day.

Stormy skies

On my way home from work Wednesday, I snapped some photos of the cool cloudy, stormy skies. The first one was actually BEFORE leaving wok from a nearby parking garage, the rest were shot southwest of Ahwatukee, along Riggs Road west of I-10.

Little cars in a storm

This is just a fun little experimental photo using a process called “Tilt-Shift” to give it an interesting look.

Basically tilt-shift involves the blurring of portions of a photo which gives the clear areas the look of miniatures, or models.

Some good examples are HERE and HERE.

This one below is an HDR photo + Tilt-Shift taken from the parking garage near my office.

Funny story…

…so this car is stuck in mud in a wash/river bed where I take photos now and then. Awhile ago I was there, walked up the other side and when I looked back, a cop was by my car. He told me when I came back that it was a hot spot for stolen cars to be dumped. Crazy.

So today I stop by here and I see this car. Stuck in the mud. Window open. Who would drive a Saturn down into a wash? I figured it was stolen of course, so I snapped this photo of it, looked in the window (saw nothing except a lot of STUFF, which should have tipped me off), and decided to call 911 to report a stolen vehicle.

I’m on the phone with the 911 operator and suddenly the car door opens and a guy looks out at me…says he’s just stuck and a friend is coming.

Freaked me out. Freaks me out thinking I was right up by the car kind of peering in and if he had popped his head up at any time, I probably would have CRAPPED my pants 🙂

Anyways…weird stuff happens when you look for things to shoot.

(I still think something fishy was going on. Like the guy was drunk and just drove down some gully like an idiot)

Parting shots

I took a few more pictures on my last two days in Corvallis, Oregon. The first one below was of a very foggy morning and I just had to stop on my way into the office. I kind of like the lights in the background of this neighborhood park.

The ones below were shot up top this hill and a road that I just happened to drive up. The sight was breathtaking.

Particularly love the above shot…the tree at the end of the path completes it I think.

I’m fascinated with road shots of late.

Fog and trees, part 2

Here is the second part of some of the photos I took on Monday morning on my way from Portland to Corvallis. I had some time to spare before I was to meet the people I was visiting, so I took these in a few random places.

The final two are re-edits from Part 1 because Tyler wanted to see them without the greenish hint to them.

There is a deer there to the left of the pine tree on the right…

Beautiful farm with foggy hills behind

A closer look at the farm.

A shot I’ve always, always wanted to shoot…and some of my favorites that other people do. A lone tree on a hillside. Simple, minimalistic…beautiful.

Another road…beginning to realize my attraction for shooting them.

For Tyler

For Tyler

Fog and trees, part 1

This week I’m spending four days in Corvallis, Oregon to help in testing a new system out for one of our clients. Whilst I’m here, I’m trying to snap photos whenever I can, to take advantage of being in this beautiful, stunning and gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Right now it’s just rain and fog…but the trees mixed with the fog was almost too much for me to handle. Hope you like the photos.

This last one above had two deer leisurely enjoying a little grass in the morning.

Trip up the Beeline

Last week I posted a photo of the Four Peaks sunset, one of my most favorite photos ever. However, that day was not just about the Four Peaks, but also of a little drive I took up the Beeline Highway whilst waiting for the clouds to clear the Four Peaks and the sun to set.

Here are a few of those shots!

This is a mountain just northeast of where the Beeline crosses the Sycamore Creek.

Another shot of that peak…the Beeline runs off in the distance.

A shot that I took while dodging traffic on the Beeline. I just loved the contrast of the road, the cactus and the stormy clouds.

The Bushnell Tanks near Sycamore Creek.

This sunset was shot right as I took the Four Peaks sunset that I posted last week.

Shot while driving down the Beeline and treated with an “old film” kind of style.

This is another shot while I’m driving and I did some mega-treatment to make it look old, plus layered it with a texture I took elsewhere.