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My first HDR photo

Most of you are probably asking what HDR means. I actually asked myself that when writing this blog, because while I know what an HDR photo looks like, I always forget what it stands for: High Dynamic Range Imaging…or HDR (the “i” gets dropped) Read more here if you want to learn the details. The […]

Springfield rain and sunset photos

I spent an incredibly long time in the Springfield airport this past Friday. We finished up a bit early and so I arrived at the airport around noon for a 4:20 flight. That flight turned into 5:20 and then 6:30, meaning I would miss my connection to Phoenix in Memphis. I ended up having to […]

A visit to Bass Pro Shop

This Bass Pro Shop in Springfield is the home of the chain of sporting goods stores and is essentially Disneyland for most of the guys with me out here. We ate lunch at a restaurant inside and then walked around a bit inside a store that one could almost call an amusement park. Live animals, […]

Some Springfield photos

So Springfield has been fun so far, but today got a little boring. Last night we had a major dinner with one of the sales managers and the tab had to have been over $500. A great little Italian place, we had a three-course meal and all of it was so unbelievably good, it’s impossible […]

Scenes from the sky

I’m in Springfield, Missouri this week for work, which is making for very long days. Not only am I far away from home and missing Jina and Lyla, but for the most part I’m hanging with “strangers” for almost 12 hours a day, including breakfast, work, lunch, work and dinner. Most people know I like […]

Some recent random photos

I take a lot of weather photos and pictures of family, but I’m also branching off into whatever else I find interesting. This website I joined (my profile right here) constantly challenges people to photograph different themes, like Decay, or Halloween, Nostalgia, etc. That motivates me to think more and look for stuff to shoot […]

Sunday sunset photos

I love to take sunrise and sunset photos, but usually I need clouds to motivate me. Without them, the scene could look like any other day, but with them…you can a unique look and feel that can’t ever be replicated. We finally had some clouds in the sky Sunday night after around 4-5 days of […]