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Memory of the Old West

I love the train tracks south of Hunt Highway, which is only a few miles from my house. I’ve taken a few pictures there, but this latest I really wanted to try and do something different with it. It’s made to look old, obviously, but the texture on it comes from a nearby desert park. […]

The Green Arizona Desert

My buddy Jon who was in town with his family this past weekend joined me for a hike of the San Tan Mountains just southeast of the Chandler-Gilbert area. It’s a neat little regional park that I never really paid much attention to until I started getting into photography. The views were great, but one […]

Storms and Clouds over the Arizona Skies

Monday was eventful in terms of capturing some cool shots of storms, clouds and falling rain around the Phoenix area. I drove out to Apache Junction and snapped some shots of the incoming storm, plus a few other cloud pictures. Mmmm, I love clouds. After the rain…the sunlight streams through a hole in the clouds. […]

Storms over the Superstition Mountains

I think I talked about this road I discovered solely by accident about a month ago. Brown Road going east from the 202 turns into Lost Dutchman. At Idaho Road it’s at the peak of a low hill and suddenly you get this amazing view of the Superstition Mountains. The first time I saw it […]

Welcome to Mike Olbinski Photography!

This is the new home of my photographic endeavors and I welcome all those that find their way here! If you know who I am already and are looking for ways to keep up with my work, here are a few quick, simple ways: Bookmark this site! Receive a daily email with all the latest […]

Winter Storm Photos: Part 2

On Sunday the wife was sick so I gathered up Lyla and we went storm chasing on several occasions.  Here are a few shots from our fun filled day! Great big downpour over the San Tans. Look at the green desert! All that rain is making our desert floors bloom! You’ll be seeing more clouds […]

Winter Storm Photos: Part 1

Some storm photos from the weekend. These below all were shot south of town along State Route 87. We went off the road for a bit onto a side road and ended up spotting some amazing stuff, like this old bridge below adorned with graffiti. We actually found TONS of graffiti, but that’s another post […]

Stormy skies

On my way home from work Wednesday, I snapped some photos of the cool cloudy, stormy skies. The first one was actually BEFORE leaving wok from a nearby parking garage, the rest were shot southwest of Ahwatukee, along Riggs Road west of I-10.

Little cars in a storm

This is just a fun little experimental photo using a process called “Tilt-Shift” to give it an interesting look. Basically tilt-shift involves the blurring of portions of a photo which gives the clear areas the look of miniatures, or models. Some good examples are HERE and HERE. This one below is an HDR photo + […]

Funny story…

…so this car is stuck in mud in a wash/river bed where I take photos now and then. Awhile ago I was there, walked up the other side and when I looked back, a cop was by my car. He told me when I came back that it was a hot spot for stolen cars […]