I’ve been waiting months to share the news of one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me and now I can finally talk about it.

A while ago I got an email from Marvel Studios about wanting to license my Booker Supercell footage. I had no idea at first what it might be for, but they wanted the “highest resolution possible.” I immediately started thinking…holy crap, they want this for the big screen! No way! But it took a few emails to confirm that. And then the told me the name of the movie:

Thor 2: The Dark World.

I nearly fell over. I mean…from the first moment I got an email from someone at Marvel I was freaking out. But once they confirmed it was for a major motion picture and that it happened to be Thor 2…I was flabbergasted.

Comic book movies are up there with my favorite genre of films. Science fiction, fantasy…comic books. And to actually have someone want to use a timelapse I made as part of a comic book film…well, MIND BLOWN. And it kinda made sense too…I feel like that timelapse has gotten quite a few comments that said something like “Wow, it’s like Thor should come out of that cloud.

Honestly, I had no clue they did stuff like this. I figured they would just “create” scenes like this with CGI. But apparently they actually license stock footage and composite that in with other footage, special effect and create something amazing.

Once the licensing part was over…I had to sit and wait for the film to get released. I wasn’t allowed to share anything about it on social media. I only told a few very close friends and family. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up anyways…what if they ended up not using it? They asked for it only a few months ago so I was fairly certain it wouldn’t end up on the cutting room floor, but you never know. And I still had no idea what they’d do with it. Would I even be able to see it? Would it be so modified that you’d have to be Sherlock Holmes to recognize any part of it as mine?

But earlier this week I got confirmation that it wasn’t cut. And then on Wednesday, a few people from the UK posted on my Facebook wall that they saw my name in the credits of the film.

It was real. It was happening.

Last night I gathered some buddies together, shared the news with them beforehand and we arrived at Tempe Marketplace to watch it on the big Cine Capri screen. Joining me was Andy Hoeland, the guy who chased this storm with me and got us in position to actually film the thing. I forever am indebted to my friend for navigating us to that spot. We had no idea it would be a moment that we’d never, ever forget. Also there last night was Jose, Alex, Josh, Jeremy, Aaron and Chris.

Everyone was excited. I am so thankful for those guys being there…it made it so much more fun and special for me. Everyone was waiting for the moment we’d see the footage, in whatever form. And when it finally appeared…everyone was leaning over looking at me going “That’s it right??”

And I was too busy taking pictures to answer!

If you are going to see the movie this weekend….the photo below is the scene. You can see the supercell right there. And it’s kind of a big deal scene too. Not just a toss-away. Insanity.

(I’ve edited this image to remove a few key characters from the scene so as not to spoil any tidbits from the plot.)


Here is the original timelapse film to compare. Right around the 1:14 mark is roughly what they used:

So whenever you see a Marvel film, you always stay around for the little easter egg at the very end. It’s what makes them extra awesome.

Well this time if you wait around…my name appears in the “Special Thanks” section! Unbelievable!


I can’t even begin to describe how humbling all this is and how excited I am about it. No matter what happens, whatever else I do in life…my name and work is part of this film forever. I will be able to share this with my kids when they get older, my grandkids…wow.

I’m unbelievably proud of this. What a surreal moment last night when my name appeared. All my buddies cheered and I joined them. It was incredible.

People around us were like “Did we miss something?

Thanks to everyone out there who watched the original video, shared it and helped it go viral. Without that happening, I doubt Marvel would ever have seen it…so I appreciate all the love!

Also, the movie was good, so please GO SEE IT!

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