The Williamsons

Over 10 years ago, my wife and I bought our very first house as a married couple. Shortly after the best neighbors ever moved in next door. We became great friends…Scott and I sent in an audition tape to The Amazing Race, we all played Settlers of Catan usually 1-2 times a week and we won a softball championship together. Yeah, it was a co-ed D-league, but we were proud.

Now here we are…Chad is a grown up 16-year-old about to head to college early…and Scott and Deb have this beautiful daughter EV who is four already. This past Sunday we visited The Groves in Chandler for a short little mini session to grab some photos of the fam. Scott and Deb actually had their engagement photos taken there many years earlier, so it was fun for them to return.

Thanks so much guys for inviting me back to take some holiday photos for you again.

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  1. Brian Furbush
    Brian Furbush says:

    These shots are great Mike – and awesome that you get to shoot some of your good friends like that. For the non-people shots, the first B&W tree shot is absolutely epic, great looks on that.

  2. Gramma Karen
    Gramma Karen says:

    Wow … how fun to see friends all grown up … I can’t believe Chad! I wish I could say one pic is my favorite, but so many are so good. I do like the color touches… much happier than Schindler’s List!

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