The Johnson family

When you are lucky enough to photograph the same families every year, it’s kind of fun to see how things change. Like with the Johnson family here. Last year baby Aly was a bundle of joy and sat there for an eternity letting me take pictures. And little Nick wanted nothing to do with me.

This year, the opposite. Nick was a superstar model. He pretty  much wanted to be in every picture. Aly? Well, she had her own agenda.

I do love this family though. As I mentioned in the Nakamura post this week, Dave and Meribeth used to work at AMC Theaters, along with me and my wife, back years before kids were even an idea to us. I never actually worked alongside them, but my wife did and I remember meeting them at some point.

Amazing to still be in touch well over a decade later.

And an amazing family too. Beautiful kids. Good people.

Thank you guys!

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