Sideways Lightning in Carefree Arizona Monsoon

Last Tuesday I teased about a lightning shot I was going to use for Movie Title Wednesday. Well, after everything that happened that Tuesday  night, I never got a chance to post this. Now that the world is back to it’s normal rotation, I finally have the chance.

Sideways starred Paul Giamatti, Thomas Hayden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh. Two middle aged dudes take a tour through wine country and stuff happens. Saw the movie once, I don’t remember the plot too well, but of course I remember loving it. Giamatti is one of my favorite actors and he had a really huge run there for awhile with awesome movie after awesome movie.

Obviously I  chose this film because the title fits absolutely perfectly with the image today.

This was the first time I’ve ever captured sideways lightning in Arizona and it was awesome. There had been one before this that I missed while setting up and a third one AFTER this one that looked almost identical. Would love to know why they were happening a lot in this one spot, but I’ll likely never will.

I do remember a lot of yelling emanating from my immediate vicinity when I saw this thing flash across the sky. I knew I captured it and I knew it would look awesome.

Have been having a lot more fun shooting lightning this year so far…a lot more success in the early going. Tons more season to go. This coming Sunday or Monday is supposedly looking pretty nice for some wicked weather in the A-Z.

(canon 5d mark ii, canon 17-35 F/4L, 17mm, iso 200, 13 sec)

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  1. Brian Matiash
    Brian Matiash says:

    It always gets to me how something so deadly and destructive can also be so beautiful and elegant. I do applaud you for constantly risking your safety to get these gorgeous chronicles of nature. Really well done here, Cranx.

  2. Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez says:

    Wow…that’s an amazing shot! I’m sure the risk is all worth it when you see these results. I absolutely love Sideways by the way…Paul Giamatti was hilarious!

  3. Dave DiCello
    Dave DiCello says:

    Wow Mike, another winner! I love that purple sky too, it really provides a great backdrop! Stunning catch of the lightning of course….gotta get a storm here!

  4. Simon aka Pixel Alchemist
    Simon aka Pixel Alchemist says:

    Great Shot Mike, all all have said before me a real stunner. Most lighting of late down my neck of the woods has been sheet lighting, and I haven’t got the gear ( yet) to capture such images so always enjoy seeing yours

  5. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Amazing how many different ways you capture this force of nature. Excellent tie in with the movie. Spectacular as usual.

  6. Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson says:

    Another great lightning shot, Mike. I was enormously disappointed in “Sideways” the movie, though. Oddly enough, a 5 second cut by the editor would have changed my whole impression. It’s odd how a single, tiny scene (the main character stealing money from his mother) can radically alter a viewer’s experience of a film. In this case.

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