Introducing: OneQuestion

OneQuestion (lightning west of Sedona, Arizona)

I’ve been wanting to do a guest blog series on my site for a long time, but I wanted to do something unique and different. Leave it to my wife to think of something simple that totally works.

Part of the reason why I was interested in guest series was to take a week off from blogging. I didn’t want to leave the place empty while I was gone, so what better way to take a vacation than to have a few people “house sit” for me.

My wife said why not just have them answer a single question? Brilliant. Easy. Awesome.

So next week you’ll be hearing from five artists whom I admire and inspire me. They’ll be answering a simple question and posting a single image:

“What is your ultimate passion in photography? What would make you forego much needed sleep because you just can’t help but go out and take more pictures?”

I love this question. Because sometimes in our business, we shoot because we love to shoot, but we also may be doing weddings, portraits, events, landscapes, interiors…all this stuff, but it may not necessarily be our passion. We love doing it, but there is always that driving force behind why you do what you do.

For me…I love the weather. You all probably know this. If I had to work the next day but there was a lightning storm at 1am…I’d likely go without sleep so I could be out shooting it. That’s just the way it is.

I absolutely enjoy and love photographing weddings and families and babies and all that. But weather is my passion. Weather photography has a hold on me like nothing else. I spent three days in the midwest driving 2200 miles with a total of 12 hours of sleep through five states to try and shoot a tornado. That is my inner beast.

So that’s what is coming at you next week. I love the answers I’ve gotten from the five people. One of them brought me close to tears.

Next week is going to be fun! I’ll likely not really post anything of my own, but that may depend on what happens in the weather world 🙂

(the image above was a 30 second exposure I shot last Sunday night west of Sedona)




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