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My daughter loves being outside. It’s been good for me actually, because my first tendency is to keep inside where it’s nice and cool and maybe where I can catch up on a few TV shows. But she forces me to expand myself and I love her for it.

This little series was shot back in May and are some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken of her. Not so much the photos themselves (although I do love them), but mostly the memory of that afternoon. I’m sitting on the front steps, she doesn’t want to go back inside so I’m checking mail on the phone while she just walks around.

Suddenly I hear her laugh and I look up and she’s standing by this puddle in our driveway. I had watered the grass earlier and there was a decent amount of water just chilling out on the cement, waiting for a kid to walk by. I kind of half-heartedly say “Don’t get wet okay?” And the next thing I know, she steps in it and then sits down.

So my first inclination is to go UGH, diaper wet, pants wet…she’s gonna be dirty. Her mom is going to be annoyed. Then I realized all that wasn’t true and didn’t matter.  Her mom isn’t like that. And so what? I’ll just give her a bath.

I mean, look at all the fun she’s having.

My  next thought (OF COURSE!) is to run grab the camera. And I just kind of laid down on the driveway with her (not in the water) and documented this little adventure of hers. I made her splash the puddle a few times so I could capture it at just the right moment. I laughed as she not only was sitting down, but then decided Why Not? and just went face down in that thing. Looking at herself in the reflection and laughing. Standing up, dripping wet and then just walking around in the water.

I don’t want to be a photographer that hides behind the camera, always snapping, never participating. It’s easy to do that. Anytime your kids do anything, you want to photograph it. It gets to the point that you aren’t actually being a part of what they are doing. I went through a phase of that but I think I’ve relaxed a little and found a nice balance. I wait for the important moments now instead of making everything a photo-op.

Of course…on the flip side…a day like this might easily be forgotten after a few years. Without a camera, you miss being able to capture those moments that make them who they are.


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  1. Dave DiCello
    Dave DiCello says:

    Man, these are freakin’ adorable, what don’t you shoot well!!! I love them all, but that splashing one is it man, really creative, and perfectly executed! I love the reflection of the water on eher face too in the one right after it. Really well done man!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Chris Frailey
    Chris Frailey says:

    I’ll echo Scott’s words about how fast they grow up. My daughter is already 8 and my son is 3. We have to cherish every moment we can in our busy lives.

  3. Ciara Hurt
    Ciara Hurt says:

    She really enjoying it, well, that’s kid. Shes so cute. Shes so happy looking at herself in the reflection of the water is and then smile. She might think it’s a mirror. Nice shot, its a precious moment.

  4. Jim Denham
    Jim Denham says:

    Wonderful images Mike! We do get protective of these kids and try to keep them from getting dirty or wet, it is good, however, when we let them be kids and experience life for themselves. Also good to capture it on the sensor!

  5. Toad Hollow Photography
    Toad Hollow Photography says:

    Mike, this is absolutely the most profound piece of work I’ve seen from you, sir. Wonderful beyond words. Both those just incredible images as well as the truly great blog post. Top, top drawer, my friend.

  6. Amy
    Amy says:

    Great shots! I argue with my sister all the time about her spending too much time behind the camera with her kids and not enough time participating. She videos everything! I always tell her she’s missing so much by trying to preserve all these memories. I am glad you found a happy medium.

  7. murphyz
    murphyz says:

    Love these! The shot where she has just stood up and is soaked is great. I can’t remember the last time I played in a puddle, but it sure looks fun.

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