Candice and David

Showing up to shoot a wedding is interesting. You are worried about making sure you have all your equipment. All your gear. Batteries. Cards. Lenses. Flashes. Everything. Then you worry about getting the shots and what’s next on the agenda.

But in the middle of it…you realize that this day has nothing to do with you. It’s all about them.

All this kind of hit me on Sunday during Candice and David’s wedding. Three pictures below is a photo of Candice from behind right after they finished doing her hair. She was about to get up, but I had spotted this shot a few minutes before and so I asked her to sit back down just for a moment. Her mom was standing right by me, I think she saw what I was trying to get…and she started to cry.

I wasn’t expecting that at all. And it moved me big time. What an amazing thing to be able to record a day like this for a family. All I could do the rest of the day was think of my own daughter someday. And how I don’t know if I can get through that!

My buddy Rick Young, who helped me shoot Dee and Yulia’s wedding earlier this year, asked me to second shoot with him for Candice and David’s wedding on a beach in Malibu. We flew out on Sunday morning, shot the wedding, took a nice drive back to L.A. along the Pacific Coast Highway and then caught a plane back home that night. A long day. Sunburns. Hard work. But fulfilling work.

The images below are the ones I took, but Rick and I did a joint blog posting today for Candice and David, so please check out his point of view when you are done here!

I really loved this couple. They were so relaxed and fun. David was classified as a goofball by one of his friends, but he was hilarious. I had a ton of fun joking around with him as we walked around the beach and the hotel grounds getting shots of the newlyweds. He also was working hard to make sure this day went well, which included having to help setup 50 chairs on the beach and go find knives to cut the wedding cake when the time came.

Candice was absolutely beautiful and looked amazing. Such a happy smile on her face all day, it was amazing to see how calm she looked in the middle of such a crazy day. They were both such a treat to photograph.

A great family, awesome friends…and a beautiful setting. Not to mention lucking out with overcast, gray skies for a noon wedding! Thanks so much guys for inviting Rick and I to capture this day for you. Hope you have a great honeymoon and enjoy the images when you return!

(You can scroll down to look at all the images, or click on the one below  to pop up a little manual slideshow! Just click the next arrows to see all the photos)



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  1. Brian Scott
    Brian Scott says:

    The kiss from the friend made me laugh, but the shot of the groom by himself between the seats and the one with the purple flowers in the foreground both stood out as the best of some really great shots. I bet they’re happy with all of them!

  2. Brian Furbush
    Brian Furbush says:

    Man these are absolutely FANTASTIC Mike! Seriously impressive – and really quick turnaround 🙂 Really looking forward to seeing more of your wedding & portraiture work.

  3. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Heath took the words right out of my mouth. This is just FANTASTIC work. If you don’t pursue this full time I will buy a plane ticket, fly to Phoenix, and kindly knock some sense into you. This will be one happy couple to have these images.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    As we’ve been talking about offline for the last 2 days, these rock Mike. You have a fantastic eye and it is cool to see your take on the day compared to what I saw. The “first kiss” photo is the classic example of one of the benefits of a two-shooter wedding; I was in perfect position for the classic first kiss… David decided last minute to do this swirly swoopy spinny dip thing with Candice and all I was left with was a shot of his back. Mike, though, was on the other side of the couple and saved the day.

    P.s. – I may have to punch you in the kidney for posting more sneak peek shots than me!

  5. Chris DeAngelis
    Chris DeAngelis says:

    OH. MY. GOODNESS! These are just incredible Mike! Just stunning work. You definitely have a gift when it comes to capturing the moment. The posing and perspectives really make for great shots. Great processing too!

  6. Hans
    Hans says:

    Fantastic shots! Taking wedding photos is a special talent. You want to capture those little details, that moment and it’s when you hear or see that it’s touched a heart string that you realized you have done your job. Well done.

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