The Town

Downtown Phoenix Reflections

(A much better view can be had by clicking to see with a black border and slightly larger!)

This is probably the first time that a Movie Title Wednesday film has been something so recent. That could mainly be due to the fact I don’t SEE as many movies as I used to what with a kid and all. Before Lyla, my wife and I would tend to see around 1-2 movies a month, always on Saturday mornings with the elderly folks at the earliest possible showing. It’s less crowded, more quiet and then we could always come back home after and taken a nice little nap.

Ah…the good ol’ days when we were just kids.

The Town stars Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, along with the awesome mad man himself, John Hamm. Fantastic movie, I love that it was set in Boston and it’s one of the best movies Affleck has done in awhile. I really liked how it revolved around what it claimed to be a true story about robbery families being a part of the history of Charleston. There are some really tense scenes, and it reminded me a lot of the film Heat, one of my all-time favs.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

This image is the final one from my downtown Phoenix reflection series. That series could get a sequel down the road if we ever again see a drop of rain, but for now, this is the last entry. And I couldn’t be more proud of it and the entire series. In fact, this week I will be showing six pieces of art down at First Fridays from 6-10pm at the New City Gallery (more info here) and three of the images are a part of this series. The entire theme will be downtown Phoenix and I’m so excited about doing something way different than the last time I showed.

I will be there from around 6:30pm onwards, so if you happen to live close by, I would love to see you again, or meet you for the first time, whatever. There are going to be some other great artists, live music and food/wine. It’s a great night to be downtown and is also going to be the last of the New City Gallery’s First Fridays until the fall.

My wife saw the above image and asked if I did a texture overlay on it or something, because the reflection kind of makes it hard to tell. But no, this is just a puddle of water over a concrete slab with some awesome stains on it. I especially love the glowing “rift” near the top that was likely some leaked oil at some point now a part of the surface.

(exif: canon 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, iso 100, f/10)



  • Jason Hines

    I love these reflection shots Mike. Great work!

  • Jim Denham

    Love how the buildings look in the reflection, but also that the pavement underneath is still quite visible. Adds a gritty nature to it! Good stuff bud!

  • Heather

    well it’s not Tommy Boy, but I like it ;)this also sorta of reminded me of Sin City!

  • A.barlow

    Sweet shot! Love how it’s muted, but just. Buildings look cool. I agree, Sin City.

  • Scott Ackerman

    Sweet! Really like your processing on these type of shots. Well done!

  • Kristi Hines

    Great photo, and congrats on the showing. I’ve heard about First Fridays… will have to check that out sometime when the hubby isn’t working too late. 🙂

  • Mike

    Darn, my wife suggested Sin City too! Should have gone with it 🙂

  • Chris Nitz

    Fantastic reflection. I like the tiny bit of green at the top. All this chat of Sin City…hmm, maybe time to break out the dvd tonight 😉

  • Jim Nix

    what a great use of reflections Mike, well done! Jim

  • Scott

    Great reflection!

  • Brian Furbush

    Damn Mike – another great reflection shot. You’re really inspiring me to go find puddles 🙂

  • Dave

    Talk about a unquie POV, this is outstanding Mike. I love the reflections and the crisp look to the whole shot. Incredible.

  • Steve Beal

    I’ve been searching my whole photographic career for a reflection like this – still looking! Awesome image, great post!

  • Matthew Watkins

    wicked reflection! Love it!!

  • Chris Frailey

    Good job with this one Mike. Really like the asphalt texture in the foreground.

  • Wayne Frost

    Good eye for composition, Mike.

  • Scott Frederick

    Great reflections!!!

  • Jesse

    Love it. Really dig the green sign contrasting the rest of the image.

  • Scott Webb

    You’re the master of puddle reflection shots!

  • Curt Fleenor

    Love everything about this shot, Mike!

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Absolutely awesome Mike! That reflection is one of the best image creation tools I’ve ever seen; absolutely incredible.

  • Heath O’Fee

    Soooo good, Mike. Love that footprint bottom right.

  • Mike

    Thanks everyone…really do appreciate all the kind words on this.

    Kristi, forget Jason, just come hang out with us photogs on Friday 🙂

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Insane reflection Mike! That is just an unreal capture and great processing!

  • Jill

    I saw The Town a while ago and I really liked it. I thought Ben Affleck really did a great job directing the film. And as usual, stunning photo!