Scott, Karen, Ryan and Megan

Back many years ago, we attended Hope Covenant Church for a bit of time. We made some friends there, connected with people on Facebook, etc. Fast-forward to this past fall and a family that we knew there wanted some family portraits done, so we visited downtown Gilbert and got some shots. Then a second Hope family, a group of musicians, hit me up as well.

Well, Scott, Karen, Ryan and Megan make the third family from that church to come out and do a shoot with me. I’m so totally grateful for all of these people and the way they’ve passed my name around to each other and recommended me to their friends. It means a lot and I always get excited to photograph the awesome people from Hope.

Scott is a worship pastor at the church, so we wanted to get some shots with him and his two guitars (one of them a beautifully old Gibson handed down to him from his grandfather), not to mention all the normal family photos. Ryan loves basketball so we got a few there and Megan enjoys her hats and volleyball.

A totally fun family and we had a great time rushing around a few of my favorite places in downtown Phoenix.


I LOVE this last one:

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Great work, as always. Loved the post-processing. Would love to see another tutorial. I believe the last one I saw was a video about HDR about a month ago.

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