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Wow, today is starting off weird. Have you ever had an image that you poured over, processed for hours, uploaded to your blog, published it and then actually LOOKED at it and realized it had major flaws? Halos? Dust spots?

How did you miss that?  How is it possible you looked over that whole image for hours and it took this new eye of viewing it on your blog that made you REALLY see it?

Well, I’m honest enough about this stuff…happened to me today. Even after previewing it before publishing I didn’t notice what I noticed later. So I took it down.  Paranoia. I don’t like sub-par stuff from myself.

Think it all goes back to taking your time. A lesson I need to learn. Sometimes I rush through processing just to get it up on the website and I end up missing things. That’s not what happened today. This was just a lack of really paying attention at the time of processing. Also dust spots are a HUGE thing that I miss and I see others missing. You just don’t notice it well enough. I have to usually make myself stop and search them out.

NOW…this image is from the abandoned dog track north of Phoenix. I took a lot of shots while I there that one day and I still might have a few left in the tank to show at some point. What’s funny about this image and some others who have shot there recently is that some of sections of chairs don’t really look too old when framed in a certain way.

(exif: canon rebel xsi, canon 50mm 1.4, f/2.0, iso 100)


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  1. murphyz
    murphyz says:

    I can relate, and I think my main issue is that I don’t take time away from the image to look at other things, and then come back to it with fresh eyes. Kind of glad that you did take the other shot down though, as this one is awesome and I would have hated not to see it.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    I just took a shot similar to this this weekend at Heinz Field! I like yours better though, awesome tones, great DoF, really well done!

  3. Kristi Hines
    Kristi Hines says:

    I think sometimes you can stare at something for too long to the point that some of those imperfections just look normal. Then when you take some time away from it and come back, or see it in a different environment (like from the background of Lightroom to the background of your blog) they will stand out more to you. Looks like you did a fine job with this shot though! 🙂

  4. Steve Beal
    Steve Beal says:

    I zoom into my shots after processing in Photoshop before heading back to lightroom and brush out any dust spots with content aware. I catch spots however, after the fact all the time, it’s hard to be totally on top of it! I can’t see where in this image dust would be a problem – maybe the beige chairs? I always get nailed in the sky.

  5. patrick dinneen
    patrick dinneen says:

    very nice picture (again). I like the colour tone and that you left in the seats in the foreground- it gives the impression of a lot more rows ‘below’ the photo.

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