The Gap

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Whatever. I love road shots. I’m sure people know this about me…but I make no apologies. Sometimes I think it’s almost cheating to shoot on the road, because you really don’t put a lot of work into it right? You just pull over, walk to the middle and shoot. It’s not like I hiked four hours to the middle of Yellowstone to capture something never seen before. I just stepped out of my car? It’s almost lame right?

Well, I think road shots helps capture the beauty of a country from the view that most of us see it from when we’re driving across it. But also…the way I treat road shots is that I’m looking for something unique. Shadows. Clouds. Landscape. Interesting features. I don’t just shoot any old road. There has to be a huge reason to make me pull the car over.

For example…in the image above: If it had been a clear day, I would never have stopped. It also just so happened that I LOVED the way the mountains and road basically disappear at a little gap in the horizon. I mean…that’s awesomeness right there.

I pay attention to how clouds contrast with the road too. Usually any type of clouds will work, but sometimes the best ones have opposing lines, or even parallel lines. The movement or direction of the clouds helps provide a contrast with the direction and look of your road.

I took this a few weeks ago as I was leaving El Dorado Canyon and the Nelson area. I was racing to capture the sunset that I posted on Wednesday (otherwise known as Se7en). But there was no way I was going to pass up this shot.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Check out Chris Nitz Lego Wars competition! All the entries are in and they are fantastic!

(exif: canon eos 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, f/11, iso 100)

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  1. Scott Ackerman
    Scott Ackerman says:

    I love how the vanishing point is straight down the road on this shot. Feels like I’m there walking down the highway with miles and miles ahead of me. Great shot!

  2. Chris Nitz
    Chris Nitz says:

    Like Jesse said, do what you love! I love your road shots, and this is no different! I really like the sky contrasting with the darkness of the road and hills. Great shot Mike, and don’t stop shooting that which you love!

  3. Brian Furbush
    Brian Furbush says:

    Great shot Mike – light over the mountains is stellar, and comp is great. I’ve always liked road shots too, so I’ve enjoyed following your work.

  4. Toad Hollow Photography
    Toad Hollow Photography says:

    Mike, this is stunning my friend. I LOVE your road shots, I am not just sayin’ that to be popular here at school. This one is just beyond words. I love the way the lines of the road and the hills converge on that point at the end there… that never ends…. and the sky! Good God, I love that sky. This is totally one of my favorite road shots of all time. Top drawer.

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