A short little time-lapse

(Watch it in 720p for the best viewing)

I’ve never done a time-lapse before and so of course I had to start from the beginning. I have a little control I bought recently that allows not only for manual exposures in Bulb M ode, but also has batteries to do interval, shutter speed and timed exposures. Ever since I got it I’ve been wanting to check out how to do a time-lapse with it and what it might look like.

This is the first attempt and I realize now it’s tough to do something like this when you are shooting right into the sun without a way to control the shutter speed externally so you don’t touch the camera. So hence the exposures get pretty dark at the end. I also learned some other things later, like using a ND filter to allow you to drag your shutter speed more and create more of a fluid movement.

Either way, it was fun to do, which was the reason I did it. I hope to learn how to do them quicker and with better results, especially during stormchasing this summer. I don’t expect to do a ton of them, but it might be fun to do at least a short 30-45 minute time-lapse every time I’m out there and then combine them at the end of the season.

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  1. Chris Nitz
    Chris Nitz says:

    For a first attempt it is not to shabby, and I sure couldn’t do this well on my first try. I actually liked the darkness at the end and it made the day feel like it was coming to an end. Loved the cloud movement as well!

  2. Steve Beal
    Steve Beal says:

    Dude! That’s awesome! I am a huge fan of timelapse…. I am in the video business so I have access to a lot of tools that make it easier – I shoot a lot of my timelapse in P mode and use this awesome plug-in for Adobe After Effects called Granite Bay Deflicker (http://www.granitebaysoftware.com/Products/ProductGBD.aspx) – it works really well and smooths out the video perfectly… If you left your camera in P after the sunset the shutter speeds would automatically slow all the way down and you’d be amazed at the results. Really nice first attempt!

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    What is kind of cool at the end is how it gets dark, then suddenly a bit lighter when the sun reflects off those clouds.

    I just wish it had been a TAD lighter at that time because the sky was beautiful and there was a long airplane contrail that got colored orange too.

    Thanks guys 🙂

  4. Kristi Hines
    Kristi Hines says:

    Nice work for your first time lapse – I always love watching these, especially with some nice mediation tunes in the background. Time lapses are pretty popular on Vimeo – there’s a lot of them that have details on how they created them.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    I was taking a shot every 15 seconds. So basically 4 a minute. I think I ended using 224 images, so I guess that was about 56 minutes worth of real time.

  6. Scott Wood
    Scott Wood says:

    I like it. I played around with timelapse a couple years ago and while I enjoyed the results, I am not sure I really have the patience for it. 🙂

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