Waves over Phoenix

This is one of those sunrise shots where the textures of the clouds over the city outweigh the need to have color. I don’t normally like to use the same spot twice, especially if I’m shooting with the same lens in the same direction, but on this chilly morning there wasn’t enough time to get anywhere else but up high in this nearby parking garage on 7th street and McDowell.

I’m definitely on a black and white kick right now, I just love how it reduces a photo to the elements you want people to see, instead of being distracted by random bits of colors. Of course, color is important in a lot of places, but I also find it can take away from the main subject matter in some instances.

The color version of this was fine, but once I looked at it in B&W, I loved how the clouds turned into this giant, grey, textured wave over the city.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Photo was taken back on December 20th! I bolted out of the house just in time to capture it before everything got too bright 🙂

  2. Chris DeAngelis
    Chris DeAngelis says:

    The clouds look awesome in B&W! Really like how they dominate the frame to give the city and mountains a minature effect. Very cool!

  3. Mark Garbowski
    Mark Garbowski says:

    Interesting how your post today mentions that you don’t like going to the same spot twice, and Bob Lussier mentioned that he did. I’ve avoided revisiting the same spot twice so far, just because I haven’t needed to, but I think it’s OK. I remember your earlier parking garage roof image and this is quite different.

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    I think I mainly meant that I don’t like shooting from the same place and at the same angle…like duplicating the previous shot.

    The only way I like that is if I’m doing a series of something like “The changing skies over Phoenix” where I shoot 10 shots from the same spot with a variety of different skies. But I tend to not have patience for that 🙂

    Bob is right though…for him though, I think it means like going to the same mill or abandoned building and looking for new things to shoot, despite having been there before.

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