A shot from our downtown Phoenix photowalk back in late December. We’re doing another one on February 5th in case you missed it, you can find out more information right here.

Doing a photowalk is such a great way to just observe your surroundings and look for those subtle details that might look good as a picture. I think we oftentimes have huge goals in mind like getting to that crystal clear lake for a sunset shot, or some amazing waterfall, or the Grand Canyon, etc…because we get it stuck in our brain that we need something awesome like that to make a good photograph.

But you can find something to shoot anywhere…at anytime.

There is not much too this photograph. It was an old wall of bricks and I just noticed one was missing out of literally hundreds and hundreds and it moved me enough to want to shoot it. What I did do that day that is now carrying over to other things is I used my 50mm 1.4 a lot more for doing HDR images. And what I found a heck of a lot of fun was to setup a shot on my tripod, frame it, turn on Live View and then play with the manual focus to kind of see where I wanted my main focal point to be located in the scene.

For this image, I found putting that focused spot right on the corner of the far side of the empty space was perfect for what I was trying to do.

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  1. Brian Matiash
    Brian Matiash says:

    Wonderful grab, dude. I really enjoy the way you accentuate the missing brick by using a very shallow DoF.

  2. Chris DeAngelis
    Chris DeAngelis says:

    I third that… Love the DoF and the focus on the corner of the brick. Beautifully processed with B&W. Nice job!

  3. Mark Blundell
    Mark Blundell says:

    I use the 50 or 65 macro a lot when out Urbexing, its easy to get carried away with the big stuff – panoramas of rooms and the like, but miss out on the detail. There is a knack to switching the mind around from one to the other though, you really have to be conscious to look at these things.

    Live view is great for this type of thing too – makes framing and focusing SO much easier.

  4. Jacob Lucas
    Jacob Lucas says:

    This is beautiful work, Mike.

    What I really like about this image is the title “Missing” and also that in this particular B&W the image itself is not only missing that one brick but largely throughout the frame is missing the deep black colours common in B&W images. It works so well on a whole other level — I find that it’s actually drawing me into the image so that as well as seeing something is missing, you can almost feel it too. Truly, a great image.

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