Sneak Peak: The Johnson Family {phoenix family photographer}

A loooong time ago I used to work at AMC Theatres. I’m talking back when I was a senior in high school and then for a few years after graduation. I worked there with a couple of friends from school, one of them named Jina who eventually thought I was a cool enough projectionist to date. Yes, I married that girl, but that’s not the point of the story. Well, maybe it is.

She went to work at a different AMC location and wound up meeting Dave and a girl named Maribeth. I eventually met them both at one time or another, but really just knew them through Jina.

Well go figure, they got married too! What is it about AMC? Must be something they put in the pretzel bite cheese.

Circle back to the present day where they now have three super-cute kids and have been married over 10 years. They booked me for a family photoshoot about a month ago and we finally ended up connecting on Saturday afternoon.  It started off great too…on the first picture I wanted to take (the steps below) Nick informed us he didn’t want to get pictures taken! I was laughing hysterically inside…I just love kids and love the stuff they say. I knew he’d come around and eventually he was wanting to be in the pictures! Aly is the 7-month old baby, Taylor the big sister (who just lost her two top teeth, congrats!).

Simply a great family, amazing kids and I had a fun time talking with you guys and just hanging out. Hopefully our paths cross again someday!

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  1. Meribeth
    Meribeth says:

    Mike…you are awesome! You have a GREAT eye! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures…Taylor is dying to see the ones by the big L O V E sign. In the picture of the kids by the steps, Nick’s expression is totally hilarious, I couldn’t stop giggling! Every time I look at Taylor in these pics I laugh because I had to literally threaten her to smile. It happens EVERY time we do pictures. It’s such a battle of the wills!! LOL! You were great!

    And hey Jina…we miss you too!!

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks everyone and thanks Meribeth…the ones by the LOVE sign turned out cool, there are at least 5-6 from there that you guys will like. I LOVE Nick’s expressions throughout the whole thing, he looked so “worried” all the time, it kept making me laugh processing your photos 🙂

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